The Different Types Of Door Locks

Do you want to install a new door lock or are you looking for information about different types of door locks? There are actually several types of locks that you can learn a few things about at this point.

If you need to buy a new door lock, you should know exactly what type of door lock it is and which one you need before you buy it. There are many variants. In many cases, so-called mortise locks are used for doors, which practically disappear completely in the door and are therefore very easy to use. Here are the most important types:

  • The mortise locks
  • The so-called tubular frame locks
  • The cylinder locks or locking cylinders used in various areas
  • Built-on locks for various types of doors

In house and apartment doors you will usually use mortise locks. These are connected to the door handle and a matching lock, making it easy to lock apartment doors, house doors, or room doors. 

Different types of built-in locks are used, such as cylinder locks, which ensure adequate security when locking the doors. Strictly speaking, the mortise locks consist of several components. First, there is the lock that is pushed into the door. 

In many cases (e.g. front doors or apartment doors), a profile cylinder is also used to protect the lock against unauthorized opening. In the meantime, electronic locks are often used in house doors or apartment doors.

In the past, it was mainly padlocked that were used both indoors and outdoors to lock sheds or gates. Such locks are also sometimes used in the house, for example, to lock chests or toolboxes. 

For room doors or front doors, however, other types of locks are preferably used, sometimes also electronic door locks e.g., Bluetooth door lock, that can be opened and closed without a key. Today, these locks offer a very high level of security if the lock intended for the respective application is used.

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