Top Things You Miss Out When You Overlook Bluetooth Door Lock

As a homeowner, you probably want to ensure the safety of your family by keeping unauthorized people out of your house. One way to do that is through the help of Bluetooth door locks. They don’t cost too much and they do come with some amazing features. In this article, we are to tell you the top things that you missed out on when you overlook the Bluetooth door lock. 

Bluetooth Door Lock:

Two of the top things that people miss out on when they over Bluetooth door locks are ease and safety. Bluetooth door lock avoids you from carrying a lot of keys and easily losing your keys. What’s more, with the help of a smartphone to unlock, it will improve the safety of your house.

Other top advantages or best things about Bluetooth door locks are as follows:

1) It is safer than the traditional mechanical lock

2) It is convenient to carry and operate. That is because you can use your mobile phone to open the door instead of taking the key everywhere you go. Once you move into the range of the door lock, just click on APP to open the door


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3) There are many kinds of designs for your choice. You can choose according to your own preferences.

4) The smartphone app allows users to send digital keys (for example e-keys and m-keys) to others who do not have access to their homes. 

This will make it extremely easy for friends and family members who don’t have their own set of keys to get into their house. The digital keys will be sent by email or text message, or by simply tapping two NFC-enabled phones together (mobile key).

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