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My Favored Bluesky Xmas Gel Polish Colors

Do you like the gel nail polish colors for your Christmas this year? My 2 most favored Bluesky gel nail polish Xmas colors are Blue Christmas and My Only Desire by Bluesky.

Bluesky Xmas Gel Polish Colors:

BLUESKY Christmas gel nail gloss shades are not only elegant but the shades are vibrant and also intense. These nail tones are extremely durable as well as lasting too. They can last as much as 2 weeks without breaking, splitting, or fading.


This is a really good dark navy blue color, ideal for winter months and extremely ideal for Christmas. This is the color of a hot summer sky at sundown, or of blue topaz. Cooler than blue, it’s a shade that gives you a feeling of depth and also distance.

It’s a shade for self-possessed individuals, positive concerning their place worldwide. The formula is additionally great, it applies really efficiently as well as equally so you can get an excellent finish in simply 2 layers.


This is one more among my faves and also probably mosting likely to be my most used color this winter. It’s a Parisian red color with simply a touch of silver shine, which makes it look actually abundant. Warm, energetic, it recommends both creative imagination and activity. 

It complements gold as well as copper and also brown; it’s great with black yet it can be subduing so must be utilized thoroughly with white and blue-violet as well as brownish.

One of the most essential points is that these nail polishes are 100% toxin-free and also they do not damage your wellness at all unlike various other nail polishes offered on the market which consist of hazardous chemicals that affect our health and wellness adversely over time. The gel nail polish by Bluesky is absolutely different from the standard ones readily available in the marketplace.

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Methods To Make Your Gel Nail Polish Last Longer

Gel nail gloss can last a week or more with appropriate treatment. We have some ideas from experts at BLUESKY on just how to maintain your gel polish looking terrific for longer and also keep it chip-free!

Methods To Make Your Gel Polish Last Longer:

Comply with these ideas to obtain one of the most out of your gel manicure.

  • The secret to a long-lasting gel manicure is proper nail preparation. It takes a little time, but it’s worth the initiative. First, get rid of all nail polish with an acetone-based polish cleaner. This is important because any type of residual polish will protect against the polish from correctly adhering to the nail.
  • When you’ve gotten rid of all traces of old gloss from your fingernails, trim away any kind of ragged edges you might have left behind while tidying up the edges of your nails.
  • Successive is your skim coat. Always use a skim coat to maintain your nails strong as well as healthy. Not making use of a skim coat can also create peeling and chipping of the polish quicker than typical. Look for one that has strengthening buildings, such as this BLUESKY base coat.
  • Next off, paint each nail with two thin coats of your favorite gel gloss shade.
  • Do not permit the topcoat to become too thick by adding an excessive item or a lot of layers. If you do, then it will certainly begin to exfoliate earlier than normal, leaving unequal patches of color on your nails.
  • Do not enable the overcoat to become too thick by including excessive product or a lot of layers. If you do, then it will certainly begin to flake off quicker than normal, leaving uneven spots of shade on your nails.
  • Ensure that your overcoat does not consist of any kind of formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or aggravate sensitive skin. The Bluesky topcoat is devoid of any kind of unsafe, harmful materials. So give it a try.
  • You can prolong the life of your manicure by tidying up any kind of excess gloss around your follicles after application yet before it dries out totally.