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Introduction To Casting…

Have you ever wondered how these little yet complex equipment are made? Everything has to undergo a certain process to be in a specific shape, Right?

Same as that, casting is a method to obtain desired shaped equipment by adding the liquid substance into the perfectly built mold and letting it solidify for some time. Afterward, this solid product is removed from the mold in a careful manner for the cooling process.

To prevent any cracking, the casting product is then finalized by undergoing a finishing process that can be either sanding, grinding, or buffing. This will help to provide a final touch to the product and now the product is ready to use. Metal is said to be the core material for casting. Whereas, molding can be done with the help of plaster and sand.

One of the reasons for this process being more popular for ages is because of its incredibly accurate results. Along with that, materials used in casting are comparatively cheaper than other building processes. Almost millions of products are casted in a year in industries, firms, and even at home. 

All you need for casting is a perfectly shaped mold and quality liquid. Products obtained from casting include medical, industrial, and technical equipment such as; medical devices, oxygen pumps, gears, electrical parts, vehicle parts, etc. In other words, casting can also be defined as solidification.

Casting is of different types. Water glass casting is also one of those types of casting, which is used to create more complex, well-built, and bigger objects. As the name already suggests, the water glass is used in this method for binding purposes. It is said to be one of the cheapest yet most effective casting processes for industrial purposes. 

Understand About Silica Sol Spreading Via This Message!!!

You may have found out about different types of spreading, but not silica sol spreading. Personalized silica sol spreading makes use of silica sol zircon sand as the molding material. The main aim of using silica sol zircon over various other products is that it can hold up against temperature levels of approximately 2000 degrees. Let’s see why this is an excellent choice for various other kinds of castings.

In this write-up, we will certainly share some benefits of custom silica sol casting. Continue reading to recognize what these are:

Advantages of silica sol spreading:

Silica sol casting is an advanced lost-wax spreading process. It has the advantage of high molding precision, great surface high quality, as well as excellent mechanical residential properties. So what are its specific benefits? Continue analysis ..

  • Outstanding surface area top quality:

The magnesium alloy castings generated with silica sol shell have a clean surface and also no sand inclusion problems; no pinhole problems such as pits, fractures, etc; smooth surface area, tiny rubbing coefficient, and excellent wear resistance; thin-film shell with low thermal conductivity to prevent liquified metal burn-through; high dimensional accuracy, small contortion; box core without burr, high loading capability, lower post-processing work.

  • High dimensional accuracy:

The transverse shrinkage price of silica sol spreading is only 0.3% to 0.5%, which can be managed by 0.2% by scientific formula-style and also rigorous procedure control; the transverse shrinking price is only 2% -4%, which can be controlled by 1% by clinical formula design and strict process control.

The typical surface area roughness Ra can get to 1.6 μm and also the ordinary dimensional variance can reach CT7-9 degrees; the maximum weight can get to 15 heaps, the optimum size can get to 4 meters, and also the minimal wall density can reach 3mm.

The takeaway:

Altogether, silica sol spreading is a respectable alternative for tasks that need quality at an economical price.

What Is Casting? Which Casting Is Best For Obtaining Better Surface Area Top Quality?

Casting is an old production strategy that is utilized to obtain intricate forms. It is believed that casting is a 7000 years of age process that was utilized to make special tools and also weapons. Later, this process is made use of to make complex forms and also spare parts that are used in various types of machinery.

Other methods can be utilized to get complicated shapes however casting is mainly preferred since the process of casting is less expensive and the obtained results are wonderful. Currently, various sorts of casting are presented in the marketplace in order to produce intricate forms. No question, each technique of casting is utilized to create certain items.

Among numerous kinds of casting, the treatment that is utilized to obtain a far better surface quality of the item is none aside from silica sol spreading. Silica sol is taken into consideration to be a kind of milky colloid that is not soluble in the organic solvent. Such sort of casting is made use of to get products with a need of accurate measurements, and high rust resistance.

If you want much less geometric deviation in your item, then with no doubt, you ought to select silica sol casting.

Process of silica sol casting:

Silica sol spreading mostly consists of four main processes which are defined below:

  1. Wax production
  2. Shell making
  3. Casting and non-processing

Moreover, the above 4 steps can be separated into more subprocesses. Consequently, you require patience to acquire items through silica sol spreading.

Need to know Regarding Spreading? Read This!!!

The strategy that is utilized to get highly intricate shapes by putting a fluid material into a mold that contains a cavity of the wanted form and then allowed to solidify is known as the casting procedure. The strengthened part obtained is referred to as spreading as well as is one of the most preferred techniques for acquiring tough shapes with terrific precision.

It is thought that the technique of casting is an ancient approach that was created almost 7,000 ago. Various types of casting strategies have actually been established to obtain accurate results. The process of spreading is primarily split right into three major categories which are offered below:

  1. Investment spreading
  2. Lost wax casting
  3. Steel spreading

The above 3 classifications of casting consist of numerous sorts of casting techniques. Each sort of casting strategy is used according to numerous products. Among various sorts of casting strategies, the most appreciated casting process is custom water glass casting. It is also referred to as salt silicate casting.

In this process, the water glass is used as a binder for the covering to cast. This type of spreading is taken into consideration as a vital technique in China.

Uses of water glass casting:

Water glass spreading is mainly utilized for stainless-steel elements, alloy steel, carbon steel, as well as for large casting procedures. And also is used in the manufacturing of offshore sectors, farming machinery, and so on. If you wish to generate steel casting ranging from 0.05 kg to 80kgs, then without any uncertainty, custom water glass casting is best for you.

custom water glass casting

First Timer’s Overview to Water Glass Casting

Today we would certainly like to talk regarding casting. At present, there are 2 major spreading processes; one is sand spreading, the other is water glass.

What is Water Glass Spreading?

Water glass spreading, a kind of lost-wax process, uses water glass as a binder for the shell. The process of water glass casting is what we defined in the investment spreading procedure.

When heavier/stronger as well as also a lot more complicated forms are required, Elements made of water glass casting are commonly made use of. This strategy is commonly utilized in the manufacture of trailers, farming machinery, as well as the overseas market.


There are a few of the benefits that one can receive from custom water glass spreading.

  • Price reduction as expensive processing and welding work is removed
  • It is just one of the most positive molding processes
  • One can conveniently develop any complex design without draft angles
  • Water glass casting supplies versatile production numbers
  • Water glass spreading will certainly develop greater accuracy compared to sand casting


  • Carbon steel
  • heat-resistant steel
  • stainless-steel
  • Steel alloys made from non-ferrous steel


The option of casting will affect the top quality substantially. At present, there are 2 main casting processes; one is sand casting, the other is water glass. Water glass spreading, a type of lost-wax process, makes use of water glass as a binder for the covering. Go for custom water glass casting for finest quality as well as stability,

Stainless steel

Lantian precision casting and machining is a company that is doing an excellent job in producing Casting and machining products. Their products are of different categories like:-

  • Stainless steel casting
  • Low alloy steel casting
  • Water glass casting
  • Silica sol casting
  • Carbon steel casting

They produce supreme quality products. Their products are appraised by their customers due to their reliability and durability. They produce strong products that can be used in different machines. Some of their prominent products are as follows.

  • Economic lost wax casting
  • Lost wax casting water glass
  • Precision lost wax water glass

They are one of the best-known industries in the whole arena for their standard quality products that can be used for a longer period of time. They have the best machinery for producing water glass and silica sol casting. They produce their equipment and assemble it before sending it to their customers. But prior to delivering it to their customers, they check their products for making them flawless. Due to this, they are renowned world-wide.

Their technical team is a very efficient and strong one that operates the machinery and suggests new and compatible designs. Their main focus is upon fulfilling the demands of their customers. They have been doing their job since past 30 years and have never disappointed their customers. They have their own workshops for tooling and CNC for managing any faulty products. Their team quickly responds to the queries of their customers.

Metal casting products

Metal casting products

Parts casting

metallic parts, glass metal products, steel alloy products


Lantian Precission Casting and Machining is a company that is committed to providing high-quality steel casting components. The company’s website contains information about products that are manufactured directly from the workshop. The company has thirty years of experience in metal manufacturing processes. The site offers different casting products such as carbon steel castings, low alloy steel casting, stainless steel casting, and CNC machining.

The site dives deep into the current casting techniques and components like water glass casting. The website knows very well that these components are for the production of trailers, agricultural machinery, and the offshore industry. That’s why the site offers products of the superior surface and dimensioning precisions that are very durable compared to other casting components (view site). The site assures us that the goods are checked before delivery for a better producer-client environment.

The custom manufacturers behind the website have offered to contact clients directly to make special orders on the components for purchase.

The site offers various casting components for user industries such as:

OEM railway and train parts.

OEM marine and ship parts.

OEM auto spare parts.

Agricultural machinery and equipment parts.

Petrochemical machinery and equipment parts.

Mining machinery and equipment parts.

Oil and gas equipment parts.

Construction machinery and equipment parts.

Hardware, tools, and other customizable equipment.

This website is a global supplier of casting products. The company behind the site produces parts for all machinery. Modern casting techniques produce better machine parts. The company’s reputation is built from the parts they offer.