First Timer’s Overview to Water Glass Casting

Today we would certainly like to talk regarding casting. At present, there are 2 major spreading processes; one is sand spreading, the other is water glass.

What is Water Glass Spreading?

Water glass spreading, a kind of lost-wax process, uses water glass as a binder for the shell. The process of water glass casting is what we defined in the investment spreading procedure.

When heavier/stronger as well as also a lot more complicated forms are required, Elements made of water glass casting are commonly made use of. This strategy is commonly utilized in the manufacture of trailers, farming machinery, as well as the overseas market.


There are a few of the benefits that one can receive from custom water glass spreading.

  • Price reduction as expensive processing and welding work is removed
  • It is just one of the most positive molding processes
  • One can conveniently develop any complex design without draft angles
  • Water glass casting supplies versatile production numbers
  • Water glass spreading will certainly develop greater accuracy compared to sand casting


  • Carbon steel
  • heat-resistant steel
  • stainless-steel
  • Steel alloys made from non-ferrous steel


The option of casting will affect the top quality substantially. At present, there are 2 main casting processes; one is sand casting, the other is water glass. Water glass spreading, a type of lost-wax process, makes use of water glass as a binder for the covering. Go for custom water glass casting for finest quality as well as stability,

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