5 Large Hot Tubs For Relaxation and Rejuvenation

large hot tub

Buying a large hot tub is a big investment. Besides the initial cost, you should also consider the features and benefits of a premium bathtub. For example, the bathtub may come with a warranty and excellent customer service. It may even come with a luxury look and feel. A large tub will give you and your family a great deal of enjoyment.

Isla Margarita

The Isla Margarita large hot tub is designed to accommodate up to nine people at a time. Its circular seating and lounge seats are ergonomically designed for a relaxing experience. The seating is designed with varying depths so that users of different heights can find a comfortable fit. The helix jets serve the entire body, providing more relaxed hydrotherapy.

The Bimini spa is perfect for entertaining friends or family. This spa is designed for large groups and features six massage seats, two personal loungers, and a cool-down seat. It also has 71 powerful jets and a circular bench with hand massage tracks. These target reflexology points for a rejuvenating experience, while also stimulating circulation.

Saint Moritz

The St Moritz large hot tub features a large 1,109-litre capacity and weighs around one ton. It is best placed outdoors on a flat, solid floor and must be connected to a power source that is at least seven metres away. As it is a large unit, there must be enough room around it for proper airflow. It measures 71 centimetres high and 216 centimetres long.

This hot tub boasts a 180-air-jet massage system. This model is also made from durable and long-lasting materials, allowing it to maintain a temperature for longer periods of time. The interior of the tub also features a heat-resistant cover and UV-protection glass.

The Saint Moritz spa includes a pump for quickly inflating the hot tub, running the filtration, and controlling the massage system. This spa also includes cup holders and a ChemConnect(tm) dispenser that evenly distributes chlorine and cleans the water. The spa’s reinforced cover also keeps the heat inside and keeps out dirt and debris.


If you are looking for a hot tub that can seat up to three adults and is compact and powerful, the Mirage hot tub may be the perfect choice. Its rectangular design includes two facing bucket seats and a full lounge for the ultimate in hot tub luxury. Its size of 7′ x 5′ and depth of 2’9″ makes it ideal for smaller homes. The Mirage hot tub is one of the many styles from the LifeStyle Series by PDC Spas.

This unique spa is loaded with jets and features. Its deep therapy seat and footwell jets provide massaging relief to aching shoulders. The jets also massage the back of the legs, making it a great choice for people with sore backs. There’s no reason to sit in one position when you can recline and get the massage you need.

Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas is a company that manufactures hot tubs. They are an internationally recognized brand and have showrooms in 67 countries. Their products have received many certifications, including CE, GS, and APSP membership. They also carry a line of replacement parts and accessories. They use the Nature 2 filtration system, which minimizes the amount of chlorine and bromine in the water.

Artesian Spas offers many different styles and features. They are designed with comfort in mind. Many models are large enough to accommodate six people, while others are small enough to fit four or five people. Their patented Helix jet system gives users a powerful hydro massage. They have multiple adjustable settings to customize your spa experience.

Artesian Spas also offers spas for smaller spaces. These models can be used indoors or outdoors, and plug into a standard 115-volt outlet. They come in a variety of configurations, including a one-person gardenia unit, a rectangular two-person Azalea unit, a corner two-person Hibiscus unit, and a corner 4 person Hydrangea unit.

If you are considering purchasing a hot tub, the Artesian Spas brand may be the best option. These hot tubs come with a variety of features that will ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Artesian Spas has a reputation for ensuring that their products are top-of-the-line.

Caldera Spas

When it comes to a luxurious hot tub, you can’t go wrong with a Caldera Spa. Their large hot tubs are made to last, and their water-care systems are easy to maintain. These spas are the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate yourself, both physically and mentally. A good hot tub can make all the difference in your daily life. But which hot tub is right for you?

The Utopia series includes features such as a low-profile integrated audio system and a 22-inch 1080P wireless monitor with a built-in audio system. The screen features an anti-glare finish and an optional vinyl cover. This series is also made with a thermally isolated base pan, which minimizes ground contact and improves energy efficiency.

The Utopia Series hot tub is the pinnacle of luxury. It can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. Whether you’re looking for a spa for yourself or a large family, a large Caldera spa can help you reconnect with your family and friends. It’s the ultimate luxury, and the easy-to-maintain FreshWater(tm) salt system helps keep the water crystal clear and clean.

Isla Margarita with low-profile foot dome

The Isla Margarita with low-foot dome is a large hot tub that can service nine people at one time. This model features a side lounge seat and a circle of upright seats that are designed with ergonomics. The seats come in a variety of depths so that people of different sizes can find a comfortable fit. Three seats have helix jets that provide a deeper hydrotherapy, while five seats have a massager that services the whole body.

A foot dome can also help to reduce the risk of accidents. Although people typically don’t stand in their hot tubs, a foot dome makes it easier for people to switch between seats without causing a safety hazard. The foot dome is shaped like a large lounger, which helps reduce accidents.

Isla Margarita with 12-person jet system

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