The training in the water can be done with the help of an underwater treadmill.

The training in the water can be done with the help of an underwater treadmill or “water treadmill“, a training equipment adapted mainly to dogs in which the animal walks on a treadmill in the water.

The water level and the speed of the belt are regulated according to the type of injury, the age and the current condition of the dog.

Water reduces the load on the joints while offering resistance, which increases in relation to the speed of movement. Because water takes weight off the joints, it is possible to modify the dog’s movement patterns.

Also, the water provides a certain stability, which is a great advantage for patients with poor balance, for example, in case of spinal injuries.

Aquatic training effectively strengthens all the dorsal longitudinal muscles and the muscles of the legs, also stimulating the musculoskeletal system, while having a relaxing effect.

Compared to swimming or hydrotherapy, the advantage of the water treadmill is that the dog must use all four legs and not only work with the front ones. In addition, the speed and resistance can be regulated by the water level, which allows better control of the training and individualization, thus improving the conditions for effective rehabilitation.

This type of training is suitable for rehabilitation after injuries and for healthy dogs that need to improve their cardiovascular and strength condition or lose weight.

Underwater tape is also a great alternative for dogs who aren’t keen on bathing, as the constant contact with the ground makes them feel more secure. After a leisurely introduction, dogs that don’t like water often get used to the underwater treadmill as well.

In the water you can achieve immediate rehabilitative results, especially if it is too painful for you to exercise in the dry. In addition, it allows you to start earlier and return to your normal life sooner.

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