Chauvet LED Follow Spot Lights

Chauvet LED Follow Spot Lights

Led Follow spot lights

Whether you need to illuminate a stage or dance floor for a special event, Chauvet LED Followspot 120STs are an excellent choice. They have a variety of features to fit any application, including full electronic dimming and mechanical iris controls. Some models even have strobe modes. In this article we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular options for LED follow spot lights.

Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST

The LED Followspot 120ST is a professional fading light with a tight beam and a powerful 120 W LED. Its color temperature is lowered to match that of tungsten lamps, while its DMX and manual modes simplify fading for the most experienced DJ. The following features make this a must-have lighting tool for any DJ. Read on to learn more about this LED spotlight.

The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120STL offers DMX control and a built-in dimmer. It also comes with a strobe and local control. Its strobe feature is ideal for video and film production, while its dimmer lets you adjust the color to cool white or any other color you want. With the DMX compatibility, you can use it for theatrical lighting.

The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120 ST is designed to work for a variety of applications. The 120-watt LED is more than a match for traditional incandescent followspots, and produces very little heat. This makes it perfect for use in mobile environments and other situations where a DJ moves around a lot. Using the Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST will give you the results you’ve always wanted.

Ushio Sai-500

The Ushio Sai-500 LED follow spot is a new addition to the Ushio line of LED lighting fixtures. The name Sai means “beautiful” in Japanese, and the light is very powerful with a CRI of 92. The light also features DMX control via a built-in XLR connector and step-less electronic dimming. This product is set to be ready for your venue around the first of the year, and has a DMX controller.

Chauvet DJ 500W

With the Chauvet DJ 500W LED Follow Spot Light, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of looks for any live or recorded performance. Its white LED provides a focused, hard-edged beam. It has an electronic strobe and mechanical iris for smooth, professional fades and a single gobo slot for custom gobos. A tripod is included for stable placement and a sturdy, silent operation.

The azcolor lite 500W LED follow spot light uses a powerful 500W LED module to replace a traditional follow light. It also has a super linear dimming system, and a focus angle of two degrees to 30 degrees. Another advantage is that it has a built-in CMY stepless color mixing system. These features make it a top choice for a variety of professional settings.

Chauvet DJ 440W

The Chauvet DJ 440W LED Followspot lights feature a 75 watt white LED and a hard edge focused beam. It also comes with a tripod and an electronic strobe for smooth operation. The lights also come with a mechanical iris to smoothen out fading. They are silent in operation, and include a single gobo slot to project custom patterns and gobos.

This medium-throw LED follow spot is perfect for medium-sized venues. Its low power consumption and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for small venues. It also boasts a DMX-compatible XLR connector for easy DMX control. And since it is built to last, it is a great investment for any DJ or live-music event. It has a 5800K color temperature and a CRI rating of 92.

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