RF Robot’s Filling Capping Labeling Series

Filling capping labeling series

RF Robot’s Filling capping labeling series is a versatile, high-production filling solution for a variety of applications. The machine is configurable to fill a variety of pails and RTU vials. These machines also include various accessories to improve productivity and reduce labor costs.

RF Robot

RF Robot filling capping labeling machines simplify filling and capping operations by streamlining the process. Designed with maximum productivity in mind, they are available in various configurations to suit a wide range of applications and packaging requirements. The robot’s flexibility allows it to accommodate different pail and tray sizes.

This CP-10 capping machine features powerful servomotors for a consistent torque across various cap sizes. Its feedback sensing ensures accurate torque control. The bottle travels in on conveyors that use an AC brushless drive-motor system linked to variable speed control. Designed for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, the RF 2415 has a generous 24-inch x 15-inch travel area.

The RF Robot filling capping labeling system comes with a number of unique features. The system requires no PC to operate, and has a large number of software functions. It can easily switch volumes and positions, and even store hundreds of files. It also features a barcode scanning function for quickly choosing jobs from work orders or labels. The machine also offers data logging, copying and other features.

The RF Robot C4034 is another excellent robot. It can fill a wide range of bottles, including those that are 50 ml to 1,000 ml. The machine also features feedback sensing for constant torque across all cap sizes. Lastly, it features a color touch panel for easy loading and flexibility. It is the perfect choice for any size operation.

Datamax-O’Neil Performance Series

The FL-12 filling and capping machine is designed to provide consistent torque for all cap sizes. Designed for easy operation, it offers an ergonomic color touch panel and feedback sensing technology to ensure torque consistency. It also features an adjustable torque range to accommodate varying cap sizes. Other features include easy loading and operation, flexibility, and ease of use.

The HP Performance Series for filling and capping labels features a near-edge printhead that enables precise label placement. It is compatible with synthetics, plastics, and self-adhesives. It is also capable of printing on tags and other materials.

The Performance Series desktop thermal printer delivers the same quality and reliability as more expensive hardware at a significantly lower cost. Its robust design and nonproprietary PCL printer language make it easy to integrate with existing ERP systems. The Performance Series printers also feature an intuitive color touchscreen for ease of operation.


The CP-10 Filling capping labeling machine is designed for productivity. It features an Omron PLC to regulate process parameters. It provides real-time process controls, including fill measurement, torque monitoring, and bottle height. It also has a label placement system to ensure that the correct label is applied to each bottle. The series is flexible and easy to operate.

The CP-10 capping machine is powered by servo motors with feedback sensing, which guarantees consistent torque across various cap sizes. Its AC brushless drive-motor system is linked to a variable-speed control. Its color touch panel allows for easy parameter adjustment. It also has a large travel area, which makes it ideal for biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

CP-10 capping machine is a fully automatic capping machine that comes with a wide range of cap diameters. This ensures consistency of closure and product security. Its versatile design also makes it easy to integrate into your existing production line. It also comes with a filling system, which means it can be used for a variety of applications.

SL-77 shrink sleeve labeler

A shrink sleeve labeler is a high-speed machine that uses a flexible film sleeve and a heat tunnel to seal the label around the filling cap. This machine can perform both neck and body shrink sleeving and is designed for maximum production speed. The machine is also user-friendly and features a quick set-up and robust construction.

APACKS series shrink sleeve labelers are designed for a variety of different applications. They are robust, with a reduced footprint, and offer a large touch-screen control panel and a Programmable Logic Computer. These machines can process 80 to 200 products per minute and are suitable for a variety of industries.

Aesus Packaging Systems manufactures a wide range of labeling machines for filling caps and bottles. They include the Economy Shrink Sleeve Labeler and the Eco Panel Labeler. The latter is ideal for budget-conscious bottle labeling operations. It is equipped with a servo-driven top hold-down belt.

The SL-77 shrink sleeving machine offers excellent speed and efficiency, with a low-moderate speed. Its large touchscreen allows for easy and precise adjustment of settings. The machine’s pneumatic process ensures accuracy and flexibility in sleeve length.

Designed for maximum shrink control and high-quality finish look, this machine provides an economical and high-quality label. It is also easy to use and adaptable to a variety of different containers, including filling caps, bottles, and cans.


Inventek’s AFTCATS filling capping labeler is a highly customizable machine that is able to print the lot number, expiration date, 2D barcode, product spec, and more. The machine is highly flexible and runs 30 hours a week, which is far less than other filling and capping machinery. This ensures efficiency while reducing labor costs.

The fully automatic AFTCATS filling capping labeler includes an Omron PLC for accurate, real-time process control. It also incorporates a pick-and-place loading robot and comes with a touchscreen display. It is capable of operating up to 30 hours per week with a minimum throughput of 20 bottles per minute.

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