Led Zoom Bar

Led Zoom Bar

beam zoom bar

The Led Zoom bar features six 60W pixels to control its moving head. The six pixels allow for a tight three-degree beam, a 45-degree wash, or a wide-angle effect. The six pixels are optimized over a 13-month R & D cycle. The beam zoom bar is great for use as a wash, effect, or foreground light. It also provides a wide range of zoom ranges for a variety of lighting applications.

Led zoom bar

The Showtec Phantom 1220 Zoombar is a multi-purpose, 210deg motorized RGBW Moving LED Bar. This unit features a 5deg to 60deg motorized zoom range, full pixel mapping capabilities, and a 210deg motorized tilt. It also features Full Pixel Control, allowing you to set a different colour on each LED and a wide variety of built-in programs and effects.


This Strobe beam zoom bar has 6*60W LEDs and a fireproof housing. Its zoom range is between five and forty degrees, and its moving head gives a smooth tilt movement. With its full-pixel control, it can produce a beam with varying colours and sharp beam effects. It can also be operated in the sound-controlled or Auto Run modes. With a zoom range of five to forty degrees, this Strobe can provide an endless range of colour effects and dynamic graphic images.

Elation SparkLED ™ has patented technology. The Strobe beam zoom bar features two seamless high-intensity strobe lines and one row of sixty-two 18W Cold White LEDs. This LED Zoom Bar offers a wide zoom range and is compatible with most popular strobe light fixtures. Its multifunctional design features a pixel-based effect, with the power to reach 41,000lm, which is a great amount for most professional stage productions.

Splitting vertices

The split vertices action allows you to add and remove individual vertices, as well as move them independently. Once the vertices have been added, they will remain in place. The first image shows the original vertex, split into four smaller vertices. You can use the shortcut Alt/Opt+X to perform this action. You can also access this action from the ProBuilder menu.

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