Key Features of the JD-S4 Two-Step Blowing Machine and KM-8Y Semi-Automatic Blowing Machine

Key Features of the JD-S4 Two-Step Blowing Machine and KM-8Y Semi-Automatic Blowing Machine

This article will talk about the JD-S4 two-step semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine and KM-8Y semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine. Both of these machines can produce high quality bottles and can be used in the same production line. If you’re looking for a machine to produce bottles, this article is definitely for you. Let’s check out their key features and see how well they work for you!

KM-8Y semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine

KM-8Y semi-automatic bottle blast molding machine is a type of high-speed, automatic molding machine designed for the production of PET plastic bottles and containers. The machine is suitable for producing 0.1L to 20L bottles of various shapes and sizes. The machine has two parts – pneumatic action and automatic part. The pneumatic action part can produce high pressure for large irregular shaped bottles.

KM-8Y semi-automatic bottle filling machine has a step-by-step and semi-auto mode for bottle filling. Its compact size and energy-saving design makes it a practical investment for new bottle manufacturing. It also features a touch screen computer from MITSUBISHI. It is safe and easy to use. It can produce various types of bottles, including PET water bottles, mineral waters, and pharmaceuticals.

JD-S4 two step semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

This machine is equipped with two stages of blowing, preform blow molding and postform blow molding. Preform blow molding is suitable for producing high volumes of bottles and has a limited design limit. However, it is useful for producing various shapes of bottles, including cylindrical, oval, and rectangular bottles. The blowing process uses a high-pressure air source. The microcomputer controller is equipped with manual functions switches and LCD displaying function. It can control the time when to open and close the mould and whether to blow.

The JD-S4 two step semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has four cylinders and can reach a maximum output of 2100-2300B/H for a 500ml bottle. This machine can automatically close the mould once the bottles are removed from the mold. It can also be operated manually by the operator. It is a good machine for small and medium-scale industries that require minimal investment and requires minimum labor. The operator can easily operate this machine.

The YX-BL04 is the fastest liner blow molding machine in mainland China, with an output of 4200BPH for 350ML bottles. Its separate blow station and baking tunnel reduces the time it takes to open the mold. This machine runs smoothly and conveys the preforms automatically, ensuring maximum efficiency. This machine reduces the risk of machine damage and extends its service life.

This semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine is ideal for PET plastic containers and bottles. Its design is energy-efficient and reasonable in construction. It has various applications and is widely used in a variety of industries. This machine is also user-friendly and has an automatic adjustment function for the sealing stretching part. You can also freely adjust the air blowing time. Its advantages make it a good investment for any small-scale enterprise.

Designed for smaller production runs, the PB series extrusion blow molding machine from Techne Graham features an all-electric extrusion system that saves energy. The PB30 series can blow plastic bottles with a capacity of 30L. Its PB5 series is equipped with an F50mm extrusion blow molding machine with a three-layer co-extrusion head. It produces plastic bottles up to 2300BPH.

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