Shading is a popular method for greenhouse growers, especially in warmer climates.

For nurseries trying to grow plants below deck, there are options when it comes to plastic and plastic sheeting. There are different levels of structure, from round houses to glass houses, and various types of materials that can be used to cover these structures.

The right choice for you may depend on the crop you grow and the level of investment you want.

Shading is a popular method for greenhouse growers, especially in warmer climates. The most common materials are woven or woven shade cloth made from polypropylene, polyethylene, or polyolefins.

Polypropylene is strong, rigid, and highly resistant to flexing, wear, and chemical attack. When placed in a greenhouse, it shrinks by about 1%. The woven material is difficult to tear and the edges do not fray. Aluminum strips can be added to reflect heat. When used outdoors, the roof will cool down. The internal use of open weave allows heat to pass through the roof vents.

High-density polyethylene is typically manufactured in the form of a material woven from monofilament yarn for strength and durability. Strong against tears, mold and mildew. Aluminum weaving material is also available. Reflects sunlight and does not transfer heat to glass even when used outdoors. We offer materials for both interior and exterior. They are UV resistant and recyclable.

Polyolefins are made from monofilaments and are intertwined with strips of aluminum to reflect heat. You can also use a combination of a black surface for thermal insulation and a white surface for heat reflection. Polyolefins provide strength and durability with limited stretch.

Color Shade Materials are a new tool with special advantages. Selective light shading can affect plant morphology and physiology. Shade materials are also useful for pest control. By changing the color ratio, you can improve vegetative growth, flowering, fruit quality, and yield.

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