Personalized packaging has to be impressive from the beginning.

When a consumer opens a package, they experience a mix of emotions, anxiety and joy. Keep in mind that he rarely has time to make a good impression, as opening the package in a hurry is inevitable. Personalized packaging must be impressive from the start, memorable to consumers, and capable of creating special connections. The first contact is essential to remember the brand. Grab it!

Here is the importance of custom packaging. A brilliant design attracts customers and a custom design attracts customers.

HONG CHANG PLASTIC PACKAGING not only manufactures plastic products, but also provides added value such as screen printing, pad printing, and heat engraving. We also do chrome plating, marking and processing by special packaging.

All of these sections are in-house with their own equipment, reducing cost and production time. It is also controlled and coordinated by the quality and production departments to ensure optimal production time and quality.

These personalization and processing areas have also evolved in recent years with new acquisitions of printing equipment and upgraded processing sections. All this is thanks to our customers who trust our services more and more and demand a more diverse assembly process.

Ask us for a non-mandatory quote for both finished parts and the necessary molds and equipment, indicating the delivery date of the first unit of each trial.

At HONG CHANG PLASTIC PACKAGING, we are ready to provide you with the one-stop solution you need and its products, and we are happy to provide you.

Benefits of thermal printing and engraving

The benefits offered by customizing this type of plastic packaging are:

  1. The printing process is relatively quick and easy.
  2. This can be done in sequence.
  3. This is a kind of strong stamping.
  4. Applicable to various kinds of plastic materials.
  5. Improve the appearance and quality of the container.
  6. It allows to customize the plastic container according to the customer’s request in terms of color and finish as well as engraving design.

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