Everything You Wanted to Know About Concrete Mixing Station

The concrete mixing station, also known as the concrete prefabrication plant, is a combined device for concentrated mixing of concrete. The following article will introduce you to everything you want to know about concrete mixing stations.

Concrete Mixing Station:

Concrete is a building product with high mechanical strength and basically no plasticity in water. Because it can harden independently, it is called “cement” or “common cement.” 

Concrete has the advantages of high strength, good durability, and low cost. It is widely used in construction. However, its production process is complicated, its raw materials are easy to deteriorate and its quality is difficult to control. 

Therefore, a special mixing station was developed to better meet the production needs of modern construction sites.

A concrete mixing station is the production equipment of various concrete products. It consists of five systems: mixing building materials, weighing system, conveying system, unloading system, and storage system. The main machine adopts JS series twin-shaft forced mixer and the overall structure of the HZS series concrete mixing plant is superior to other domestic same products.

Concrete mixing stations can be used for many kinds of the mixture, such as hard and harsh concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, various mortars. This device is commonly used in large and medium-sized water conservancy projects and civil engineering projects such as bridges, roads, and others.

The size of the mixing station depends on the amount of concrete produced at a given time (or the amount of time required for continuous production).

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