Contact HanMa Laser Company For Buying Laser Equipped Automatic Machines

Guangzhou Hanma  Automation Control Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional company that is specialized in research and development (R&D), design, production, and sales, of various types of laser machines. They are exclusive suppliers and manufacturers of laser cutting machines, non-metal laser engraving, and laser welding machines. 

Besides that, they also deal with various types of machines that use lasers to carry out their function. As we know, lasers are making their name in various industries due to their efficient working. Same like that they are most preferably used in cutting and welding of various types of materials. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss what are the leading points that make HanMa industries superior as compared to other industries. Read on to know what they are: 

  1. Numerous products: As discussed earlier, the company focuses on various categories. Each category consists of numerous products. For example, HanMa Industries consists of numerous products in the category of non-metal laser engraving machines and metal laser cutting machines. 

A few products of non-metal laser engraving with automatic features are given below: 

  • Small format laser cutting and engraving machine HM-13O series
  • Garment fabric laser cutting machine HM-SM series
  • Coconut laser cutting engraving machine HM-Y series and more.
  1. Achievements: Because of the high customer rate around the world and great services, the company won the title of “China High-tech Enterprise” along with more than 35 national patents.
  1. Experience: They have experience of 13 years in exporting their products to various countries and more than 13 years in manufacturing laser machines. 

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