Wi-Fi Design Software – Using Ekahau AI Pro to Design a Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi wifi projektor Design Software – Using Ekahau AI Pro to Design a Wi-Fi Network


As wireless networks are asked to handle more and more demanding traffic it becomes increasingly important that the wireless network is optimally configured. Using Wi-Fi design software like Ekahau AI Pro to help with the initial setup of the wireless network will make sure that it is tuned down to give great coverage but without creating dead zones. This will also help with capacity planning as it is possible to identify what the maximum throughput required for each area of a venue is going to be and ensure that enough channels are reserved in order not to interfere with other wireless devices.

It is also important to consider what kind of clients will be connecting to the wireless network and their capacity requirements. The least capable, most important device should be taken into account as well as the average bandwidth used per client and whether this is real time data or bulk data. This information can then be translated into the WiFi design requirements for Coverage, Capacity and the Least Capable, Most Important Device.

UMP WiFi Optimization goes further than the industry standard single projector for daylight device channel rank algorithm by providing analytics that not only visualizes one managed router but the entire network graph of all devices. This provides crucial insight into the performance metrics of the overall WiFi infrastructure and enables alerting when critical thresholds are reached before the customer experience degrades.

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