Electric Combi Boiler Manufacturers

Electric Combi Boiler Manufacturers

The government’s anticipated phasing out of gas boilers and efforts to reduce household carbon emissions are driving homeowners towards greener alternatives like electric combi boilers. With the right features and specs, these heating systems can offer comfort, efficiency, and cost savings.

A reliable boiler can rapidly warm a home to the desired temperature and provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water. It must also have high energy efficiency and a generous warranty.


Unlike gas boilers, electric combi boiler manufacturers are powered by electricity which means that they water heater don’t produce any smoke or fumes. This makes them a suitable option for homes without a gas supply or for those who want to switch from fossil fuels to greener energy sources.

They are also much easier to install than a gas combi boiler because they don’t require a flue. This makes them a popular choice for people living in flats where a flue would be too difficult to reach or if their existing pipework isn’t suitable for a new gas boiler.

However, the cost of running an electric combi boiler is higher than a gas one because electricity prices are typically four times more expensive. This could mean that switching to an electric system will increase your energy bills significantly unless you’re able to generate electricity yourself through solar panels.

The good news is that there are many ways to reduce your energy costs. You can start by comparing multiple quotes from local heating engineers using GreenMatch. It’s easy, fast and free – all you need to do is fill in a few details about your property and we will match you with up to 3 installers. This will help you find the best boiler deal and save money on your home heating.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a critical consideration for homeowners seeking an eco-conscious boiler solution. Electric combi boilers rely on electricity to operate, rather than gas, and are typically more efficient than their fossil fuel counterparts. As a result, they require less energy to operate and produce significantly fewer greenhouse gases during their lifespans.

Electric combi boiler manufacturers offer a variety of features to help consumers maximise their home’s energy efficiency. These include programmable thermostats, user-friendly interfaces, and compatibility with smart home systems. These features can help consumers monitor and control heating and hot water usage, mitigating the impact of rising electricity prices on their energy bills.

A popular option for smaller homes, electric combi boilers provide instant heating and hot water without the need for a separate storage tank or cylinder. They are also more compact and can fit in a small cupboard. This makes them a good choice for flats and smaller houses with only one bathroom, as well as for those without access to gas lines.

However, this type of boiler is not suitable for larger households because it does not have sufficient capacity to meet the simultaneous demands of multiple water outlets. For such households, a higher-powered model such as the Elnur Mattira MAC15 is a more favourable option. Alternatively, they can consider an electric storage boiler that combines an electric flow boiler with a hot water cylinder, which allows them to take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs and save money on energy bills.


Electric combi boilers are a popular heating and domestic hot water solution for properties without mains gas, and they offer similar benefits as a traditional gas boiler. tankless instant water heater However, the installation process can be complicated, and you should always hire qualified professionals to carry out the work. During the installation, make sure you have enough space for an airing cupboard and that your home’s power supply matches the boiler’s requirements. You should also consider whether you want a vented or unvented cylinder, as each option has its own pros and cons.

Another drawback of an electric boiler is that it uses a lot of energy, which can result in higher energy bills than other types of heating. If you want to cut down your energy costs, you can use an alternative source of electricity such as solar panels.

It is also worth noting that electric boilers can be prone to carbon monoxide leaks, which is an issue for anyone living in a high-rise building. On the other hand, a gas boiler requires a flue, which can prove to be difficult for people living in high-rise buildings. Electric boilers, on the other hand, don’t need a flue, making them more accessible for people living in high-rise buildings. Additionally, they can be more affordable than a gas boiler. This makes them an ideal choice for people who are looking to save money on their energy bills.


A reputable electric boiler manufacturer will offer a warranty to protect your investment. Generally, they will cover repair or replacement costs for up to two or three years. You can usually find this information on the product’s website or by calling their customer service team. It is best to register your boiler warranty if you can, as this will speed up support and allow you to access all services for your Elektra or Guival electric boiler in one place.

Assessing the cost of an electric combi boiler requires evaluating the initial purchase price as well as the ongoing operational expenses. It is important to understand these various factors so that you can craft a comprehensive budget beforehand. Aside from the cost of the unit, you will also have to pay for installation as well as the electricity supply upgrade.

For homeowners seeking an alternative to gas-powered heating, electric boilers are an efficient solution that can reduce household emissions. In addition, electric combi boilers are more future-proof than gas boilers, as the UK government plans to phase out 80% of gas boilers by 2035. This will make electric heating a more attractive option for homeowners. Additionally, the cost of electricity is much lower than that of gas, making it a more environmentally conscious choice. Moreover, many electrical combi boiler manufacturers have integrated innovative features such as smart controls to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

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