Instant Electric Water Heater For Shower

Instant Electric Water Heater For Shower

If you are tired of running out of hot water for your shower, this instant electric water heater is the solution. It heats water on demand and can be used to supply a single sink or an entire bathroom.

It is also energy-efficient. It uses less electricity than a tank-type heater.


KOSPEL is a water heater for shower that only consumes electricity when you use it, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution. It also saves energy and money because it doesn’t waste water like conventional tank systems do. Its biggest advantage is that it never runs out of hot water. It heats the water on demand, which is much faster than a regular water heater. It also prevents the development of Legionella bacteria, which can cause dangerous lung diseases.

Electric instantaneous water heaters for shower are a great alternative to gas tanks because they can be installed in small spaces and are not susceptible to leakage. They are very quiet and offer an excellent level of comfort, thanks to their low power consumption and electronic regulation. Moreover, they do not require the installation of a ventilation system or the construction of a chimney and can be used in rooms where the installation of a gas tank is impractical.

Electric instantaneous water heaters are very efficient and have a high A class energy rating, as they only consume electricity when water is drawn. They are also very small and can be placed close to the water supply point, preventing energy losses caused by transmission. They also work without the need for a gas connection and do not require maintenance or emptying, as they are self-cleaning.


CLAGE is an electronic instantaneous water heater that offers a range of solutions depending on your needs. The M Series is ideal for low-flow hand wash basins, offering temperature settings of 35oC or 38oC, and the C Series is suited to medium flow multi-point bathrooms and kitchens with the choice of 20oC to 50oC (60oC models also available).

The smart CLAGE electronic instantaneous water heaters from Claus-Holmer Gerdes save energy, space and money thanks instant electric water heater for shower to their compact size, high efficiency, reduced water waste and minimal standby power consumption. They can be installed hidden behind the wall, in a piece of furniture or inside an inspection opening and will blend seamlessly into your home.

These tankless water heaters feature intelligent Twin Temperature control and advanced SERVOTRONIC motor valve technology which regulates the temperature of the incoming and outgoing hot water with precision. They are quick and easy to install, with no safe tray or flue required, and require very little maintenance.

This product can be connected to solar energy for maximum eco-friendliness and cost savings. With no tank, the electric instantaneous water heater is only utilised when hot water is needed which means less water wastage and lower electricity and gas bills for the household. It can also be controlled from your smartphone with the Bluetooth radio adapter installed in the appliance (CFX-U) or with the sensor key remote control (CEX-U). Smart features including time, usage and water and energy consumption displayed on the e-paper display, user adjustable temperature settings and online connectivity via Bluetooth or WLAN, make the smart CLAGE an essential part of your green living.

DSX Touch Twin

The DSX Touch Twin is the new member of the CLAGE family and a real innovation. It combines state-of-the-art technology and durability in a compact design that meets the highest demands for comfort and efficiency.

Water is heated at the point of use, eliminating the need for heating and storing water in a tank. Electronic instantaneous water heaters modulate their power output based on the individual user’s usage patterns, which significantly reduces energy consumption and costs. In contrast, hydraulic units only work at a fixed power output regardless of their actual usage pattern, which results in significant energy wastage.

The intelligent water temperature control adjusts the temperature of the hot water to exactly the required value. This ensures that the water is always precisely at the desired temperature, without excessively high temperatures or too low ones. Thanks to the IES bare electric tankless hot water heater wire heating system, the water heater has a longer service life and significantly reduces lime scale deposits, which makes maintenance simple.

Users can easily set personal water and energy-saving temperature preferences using the intuitive Smart Control app. The app automatically adjusts the settings of the water heater according to the user’s daily routine, helping them save both water and energy. Moreover, the app allows users to create their own individual temperature profiles, define savings goals and record their usage values for evaluation.

DEX Next

The comfort instantaneous water heater DEX Next meets very high comfort requirements and impresses with state-of-the-art technology and durable materials. It has a compact design and is resource-saving. It is operated intuitively via the e-paper display and sensor keys. The device can also be controlled by smartphone or tablet using the Smart Control app.

These German Pool tankless electric water heaters are the fastest and most efficient way to heat your home’s water. They heat water on demand and are a green alternative to traditional storage tanks. These energy-efficient water heaters use less than a third of the energy required to heat a tank of water. They can save you money and the environment, and are perfect for replacing older tank-style water heaters.

Our German Pool Instantaneous Heaters are made in Germany using world-leading water heating innovations. These advanced appliances are ideal for supplying hot water to kitchen sinks, washbasins, and showers. They can be installed in-line or in a series with the flow to your faucets and provide fast, continuous, and dependable hot water for your entire household. They are also incredibly economical and easy to maintain, and will help you to reduce your electricity bills. Their compact size makes them easy to fit under sinks and in small spaces. They are also easy to install, and they are compatible with all common taps.

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