Apartment Renovation Services

Apartment Renovation Services

Renovating your apartment offers you a unique opportunity to customize your space and create a home that perfectly matches your style. But renovations can also present challenges like sticking to a budget and addressing safety issues.

You may be able to stay in your apartment during the work if you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom. Otherwise, you’ll have to move elsewhere for the duration of the renovations.

New Flooring and Wall Treatments

The design and planning aspects of remodeling an apartment are a lot different from that of a single-family home. For instance, it can be more challenging to deal with electrical and plumbing issues in an older, high-density building. Working with a design-build contractor can help streamline the process. Sweeten contractors can work with designers and architects in one place to ensure that all parties are on the same page throughout the renovation.

If you’re in a rental, you need to get permission from your landlord before starting any work. Most renovation projects will require permits apartment renovation services and approvals from the Department of Buildings, especially if you’re doing any demolition or moving or removing non-structural walls.

Your Sweeten contractor can connect you with a professional engineer or architect to act as your Registered Design Professional and go through the standard plan examination and permit process for your project. They’ll also assist you with product selections, orders, deliveries, schedules and inspections.


A quality paint job can make a huge difference in your apartment’s aesthetic. Your contractor should use the right colors to complement your design scheme and create the desired ambiance. They should also apply a primer and multiple coats to ensure a lasting, high-quality finish. They should also be able to handle details like baseboards and trim.

When reviewing a proposal make sure you’re clear on what work is included and what is not. If you have questions about the cost of materials or labor you should feel comfortable asking your contractor for more information.

You can trust the experts at JMA Painting to complete your entire renovation project quickly and efficiently. Our team has extensive experience with both residential and commercial renovation projects in New York City. We can help you turn your apartment into the perfect place to call home. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Structural Changes

Renovating an apartment improves its aesthetic and functional appeal, attracting quality tenants. This strategy also manufactures equity for owners, making them more palatable to banks and lenders when it comes time to finance or sell the property.

The best way to maximize renovation value is to choose a contractor with the right experience and expertise. Sweeten matches homeowners with vetted contractors who meet their criteria for skill, experience, and pricing. This includes insurance coverage, familiarity with your neighborhood, and proven track record with similar projects.

Structural changes are a key aspect of apartment renovation. They can involve the rerouting or extension of electrical and plumbing services, and may require changing floor levels. Combining apartments is another major structural change that requires careful planning and expert craftsmanship. It involves the removal and repositioning of internal walls, while ensuring load distribution remains balanced. It also requires meticulous coordination with electricians and plumbers to ensure all the wiring, switches, and fixtures align with the new layout.

Upgrades to Electrical and Plumbing Systems

Adding modern appliances and systems such as smart thermostats and energy efficient lighting helps improve comfort and usability. These upgrades also contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle that resonates with tenants.

Apartment renovations can involve complicated electrical and plumbing systems, requiring careful planning and coordination with subcontractors, vendors and suppliers, domestic and international. A thorough evaluation of existing electrical and plumbing capacity can help prevent unforeseen problems or costs.

Depending on local regulations, renovating an apartment may require navigating building codes and obtaining permits. A contractor can help ensure that a project adheres to zoning and regulatory requirements. The process can be lengthy and tedious, so it’s important to plan ahead and allow sufficient time for a full reno. It’s also critical to communicate clearly and maintain quality control throughout the entire process.

Interior Design

Apartment renovations require an intimate knowledge of local regulations and a willingness to deal with complex building management. For example, a renovation in a condominium will involve dealing with the Body Corporate and abiding by its By-Laws. This can create a lot of additional bureaucracy and delays.

It is important to understand that even minor changes may need formal approvals and a Department of Buildings permit. It is best to hire a renovation contractor that has an expert on staff who handles all of the necessary paperwork.

The interior design of an apartment is an hotel refurbishment companies opportunity to express your unique personality. Choose a theme and incorporate personal touches to create a welcoming space. If you’re remodelling the kitchen, for example, you can remove walls to create an open plan feel. The Think Construction team can work with you to achieve a functional kitchen, optimizing storage and preparation areas.


Apartment renovation services can make a significant difference in how an apartment looks and feels for a low cost. A fresh coat of paint, a clean window and new knobs on kitchen joinery or wardrobe doors can dramatically change how an apartment looks without the need for major construction work.

An experienced contractor can help apartment owners with a remodel plan that maximizes functionality. For example, Think Construction works with apartment management companies to plan a kitchen remodel based on the needs of tenants including storage and prep space.

They can perform market research to discover trends in apartment design that increase the return on investment for the renovation. Then they can create a plan that meets those requirements and gives the building an edge over competing properties. This is especially important when the property is in a high-rise building where every upgrade must be approved by the board.

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