Advantages of a Wireless Solar Outdoor Camera

wireless solar outdoor camera

Advantages of a Wireless Solar Outdoor Camera

A solar-powered security camera offers a range of advantages over wired cameras. These include avoiding tangled cords, reducing costs and providing continuous power.

You can monitor your home from anywhere with a wireless solar outdoor camera. Choose one that provides a live view, two-way audio and remote access.

The battery in solar-powered cameras requires a sunny spot to recharge daily. Keep in mind that cold weather reduces charging efficiency.

Full HD 1080P & Color Night Vision

Unlike regular wireless security cameras that switch to power-saving mode, solar security cameras always stay on and wireless solar outdoor camera keep recording. This helps ensure that you don’t miss any important moments.

The best solar-powered security cameras are designed to offer high-definition (HD) images, a wide field of view, and night vision. You should also look for a camera that can detect motion, record footage to a hard drive and send notifications to your smartphone.

A solar-powered security camera that offers Full Color night vision will capture bright, clear, and colorful images in near total darkness. Full Color technology includes a large 1/1.2” CMOS image sensor that captures visible light, along with infrared to produce multi-spectral imaging. It also has a built in floodlight that can reach up to 100ft and is activated when human motion is detected, helping scare off any would-be intruders.

Generally, you should aim to place your solar-powered security camera on a south-facing wall that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. It’s also recommended to install the camera in a location that is protected from weather elements like rain and snow to prevent water damage or corrosion.

Two-way Audio & Multiple Users Remotely Access

Protect your home together with this solar outdoor camera by communicating directly to people in front of it via two-way audio. You can also sound the siren if suspicious activity occurs, scaring off any potential intruders.

This wireless solar security camera can save pictures or video to a SD card (up to 128G, not included) or upload to cloud storage for secure privacy. The APP can support multiple accounts, and up to 8 users can access the camera at the same time.

The solar-powered Reolink cameras come with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel, which allows them to run continuously without the need for power cords or ethernet cables. However, they only work if the panel gets enough sun throughout the day, so you’ll need to install it in a spot that accounts for overhangs and trees. And Reolink’s free cloud service only works for one camera, while most rivals offer unlimited cameras for around $10 a month. You can purchase extra solar panels for the cameras if you need more than one.

Intelligent PIR Motion Detection & APP Alarm Push

A good solar security camera should be able to notify you of the activity in front of it. It should be able to send you notifications through the app, email or text messages with snapshots and videos. It should also be able to provide a light and sound alarm that can ward off intruders.

This camera from Eufy uses a battery and solar panel to power itself without the need for wires. It can record video in HD and has color night vision. It can also detect human motion and notify you through smart push notifications. It also lets you set up activity zones.

You can choose to store your videos locally on a microSD card up to 128GB or subscribe to a cloud storage service. The cloud storage comes with a 30-day free trial. You can share the product with multiple users and monitor the recording remotely. The camera can even work under the scenario when Wi-Fi network is disconnected or out of service. This feature is especially useful for those who wish to secure remote areas.

100% Wire-Free & Stable Network

The wireless solar outdoor camera completely realizes wire-free security. It eliminates the need for network cables and power wires, avoiding all kinds of wiring troubles. It is also easy to set up & use, with no complicated settings required.

The camera uses the unique base station to connect with your router and achieve a stable, fast and smooth network signal transmission. It is able to connect with multiple cameras, allowing you to monitor more areas at the same time.

Smart PIR motion detection only triggers when it senses human movement, which reduces false alarms caused by bugs and leaves. The camera will instantly push pictures/videos to your phone when motion detected. The video recordings can be saved to a SD card (Max 128G, not included) or to the cloud of the APP.

The camera is easy to install – just plug in the solar panel and the battery, then connect it to your WiFi network with the default username & password. You can then view & control the camera on your smartphone or tablet & get notifications wherever you are.

Encrypted Cloud Storage

The solar panel in this outdoor security camera captures the sun’s energy to keep the battery charged, eliminating the need for a wired power supply. It also prevents overcharging, extending the lifespan of your camera and ensuring that it’s always ready to record an event.

Soliur’s wireless solar-powered outdoor security camera is a cost-effective solution to a traditional wired system. With a rotatable ptz camera supplier lens and a long-life solar panel, it can be placed in an ideal location to monitor areas of your property. It’s also 100% self-sustained, requiring only sunlight and a faint WiFi signal to operate.

The solar outdoor security camera can store motion clips on a micro SD card, with a max capacity of 128GB. Alternatively, it can back up to an encrypted cloud for remote access. The encryption feature protects your data and privacy, preventing anyone with illegitimate access from deciphering or gaining information about you.

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