Light Up Makeup Mirror

light up makeup mirror

Light Up Makeup Mirror

Whether you want to focus on your pores or pluck those stray eyebrow hairs, a light up makeup mirror will help. These mirrors come with a variety of lighted color options and magnifications.

The best lighting mimics natural daylight, so look for LED or fluorescent bulbs. Some models offer a range of color temperatures, including warm white and cool daylight.

Lighted Mirrors

You can have the best primer and contour powder in your arsenal, but if you don’t have the right tools to apply them properly, all your hard work could be for nothing. A light up makeup mirror illuminates your face and allows you to see the fine details clearly, making it easier to get perfect winged eyeliner and smooth foundation application.

Many lighted makeup mirrors use LED bulbs to produce the most natural lighting possible. Look for these models to have a high CRI rating, which measures how accurately they render colors. Some also offer different lighting settings, such as cool daylight and warm soft white, so you can simulate how your makeup will look in various environments or at different times of day.

These portable models are ideal for travel, as they’re lightweight and pack down flat to fit in your carry-on bag. They’re equipped with attachments for a magnetic phone holder, so you can snap selfies or follow along with a makeup tutorial on YouTube without having to hold the camera in one hand while trying to manipulate your hair or apply your mascara.

For a more luxurious option, this vanity bathroom products supplier mirror has protruding LED bulbs that border the edge of the mirror to fully illuminate your face. It’s a favorite among Amazon reviewers, who praise it for its “Goldilocks zone” lighting (not too cool and not too warm) and glam-inspired design.


A lighted makeup mirror that’s capable of high magnification is a game changer for people with eyeglasses, or anyone who wants to be able to see those pesky little stray hairs. This simple-yet-smart folding mirror has 21 LED lights, which can be turned on and off with a touch sensor (a USB or four AAA batteries power it). It’s also got 3X magnification for all of your pore-picking and tweezing needs.

Many lighted makeup mirrors use LED bulbs, which mimic natural light better than other bulb types and give off less heat. Some even have various settings, like warm and cool, that replicate different lighting situations—like the office, outdoors/daylight, or evening—to help ensure your makeup looks good in any scenario.

Some lighted makeup mirrors double as storage containers, perfect for a bathroom or vanity countertop. This sleek, compact offering from Fancii, for instance, has a traditional 1X mirror on one side and a 10X magnification on the other to aid in everything from eyeliner application to precise tweezing. It even has a built-in rechargeable battery so it can be used on-the-go or in travel.

Other lighted makeup mirrors are more high-tech, with features like light up makeup mirror integrated speakers and phone chargers that sync with your devices, or smart LED lighting that dims and brightens depending on how close you get to the mirror. This streamlined option from Simplehuman packs three separate magnifications, thoughtful design, and high-quality LED lighting into one slim, versatile frame. It can be wall-mounted or positioned on a tabletop with its suction cups and bendable 360-degree base.

Adjustable Light

A lighted makeup mirror can help you hone your skills and do things like get your foundation right or get that winged eyeliner just so. You can even use one when getting ready for a night out (or just to avoid those pesky light bulbs that give your makeup an unnatural glow).

There are many different lighted make up mirrors on the market, and some are more high-tech than others. Some offer speakers, phone charging capabilities, and facial recognition technology. Others dim and brighten when you touch them or automatically turn on when you enter the room. Still, for those who want a simple and effective lighted mirror, a basic model will do the trick.

Most LED lighted makeup mirrors have a control panel that allows you to adjust the brightness. Some also have a button that lets you select which type of lighting to use. Some have a continuous color range while others offer specific temperatures like a cool white or a warm yellow. A continuous color option will allow you to choose the best shade for your skin tone, while a specific temperature will allow you to better replicate natural daylight—which is the ideal when applying makeup.

Lighted makeup mirrors are offered in tabletop or wall-mounted designs, depending on where you want them and how you plan on using them. If your bathroom is crowded or busy, you might want to consider a wall-mounted version that won’t be easily knocked over.


Most lighted makeup mirrors come with LED bulbs that offer a more natural light than incandescent bulbs. Some even have settings that mimic different types of lighting (daylight, warm or cool tones). Stay away from fluorescent bulbs — they’re normal, energy-guzzling, and often yellowish in color, which isn’t the most flattering on your skin.

The best lighted makeup mirrors also include more than just the standard 1x reflection, which is perfect for getting up close to pluck those pesky eyebrow hairs or to apply your concealer with precision. You’ll want a magnification that ranges from 2x to 10x, which helps you zoom in on the fine details.

This lighted mirror from Simplehuman has 14 energy-efficient environmental daylight LEDs that give you a clear view of your skin and a bright, even illumination. It also allows you to switch to a warmer candlelight temperature, which is great for prepping for romantic nights out.

The ring-shaped mirror in this OttLite makeup mirror has 21 LED lights that frame the central glass panel and offer three brightness levels. It’s also lightweight, folds flat like a menu, and has an adjustable stand that makes it easy to adjust for your spatial situation. You can also plug in your phone and watch a tutorial on YouTube or chat with friends — all while enjoying the crisp, natural daylight LEDs that Glamour Magazine calls “perfect for makeup.” It’s a win-win!

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