Silent Night Humidifier Review

Silent Night Humidifier Review

Silent Night humidifiers are easy to use and affordable. They can help prevent dry skin, chapped lips, and static electricity and can also aid in a better sleep.

With a small footprint, this unit is easily portable and can be placed on a bedside table or desk. It’s also easier to clean than other models, making it less likely for mold to grow inside.

1. Easy to clean

The reusable filter for this cool-mist humidifier can be cleaned with vinegar or bleach, which helps to eliminate mineral buildup that can cause it to become discolored and odor-producing. In addition, the tank and base can be drained and swabbed with clean water to flush out any remaining toxins and bacteria.

Most humidifiers require regular cleaning to prevent the growth of bacteria and other contaminants that may be spewed into the air along with the water vapor. It is recommended that you clean your humidifier weekly.

If you want to avoid the hassle of keeping track of your humidifier’s water level, look for one with a built-in humidistat. It is a small device that monitors the moisture levels in your room and shuts off when the air hits a set target. You can also track humidity with a simple tool called a hygrometer.

Console humidifiers, which sit on the floor and work with your home’s plumbing system, are best for silent night humidifier large rooms up to 1,000 square feet. They have larger water tanks and require refilling less often than portable models.

2. Quiet

Some humidifiers use a filter or a wick to create a stream of mist, but ultrasonic models are quieter. This budget pick from Silentnight uses vibrations to turn water into a mist that is safe to add essential oils or other fragrances to. It’s also relatively compact and doesn’t have a light, which means it can fit easily on a bedside table or home office desk. During our tests, it produced plenty of fine mist — enough to raise the humidity in our small room by 18% in half an hour — without making much noise.

Its small size also makes it a good choice for babies’ rooms and kids’ bedrooms, while its 3-color night mood lighting offers a customizable ambiance. Its tank holds nearly a gallon and can run for up to 16 hours on its lowest setting.

This model also has a built-in hygrometer, which lets you set a target humidity level; it will automatically shut off when the air reaches that point. It’s also certified asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

3. Long run time

The run time of a humidifier is directly related to how much water it can hold. Generally speaking, larger tank capacities equal longer running times. However, some models go through water faster than others.

The best-reviewed cool mist humidifier with a long run time is the Levoit Classic 300S. This smart unit syncs with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and uses a built-in humidity sensor to automatically adjust mist levels. Its six-liter tank holds both cool and warm water and lasts up to 60 hours in large rooms.

Its top-fill system makes refilling easy. It also has a convenient night light that turns off with one touch of the power symbol (which defaults to green and shows the current mist level). A second touch keeps the symbol on and changes it to blue. It is also filter-free, making it cheaper to maintain over the long term than other models. And it has a sleek design that complements a space rather than detracting from it. This model also includes a three-year warranty, a longer than average period for these small home appliances.

4. Easy to install

Many of our Silentnight humidifiers double as air purifiers, making them an excellent choice for keeping your home smelling fresh and helping you to get a restful night’s sleep. They’re easy to set up and keep clean, with simple instructions and a removable tank that makes them straightforward to fill.

A built-in humidistat monitors the air and shuts off when the moisture reaches your preferred level. This can help save water and electricity, as it prevents excess humidity from fogging Quiet Night Humidifier Manufacturer windows or creating a musty odor. If you choose a model without a humidistat, use a hygrometer to check the air’s humidity regularly.

Add your favorite essential oils to the fragrance drawer or use the calming LED light feature as an aroma diffuser and nightlight. Just remember to always refer to the manufacturers’ recommended usage amounts when using essential oils.

5. Affordable

Silent night humidifiers are affordable and efficient, providing a comfortable environment that will help prevent dry sinuses, chapped lips, dry skin, and even dry nose. Some also act as air purifiers, reducing the amount of dust and pollutants in your home’s air.

The Levoit Dual 150 is a standout among budget-priced portable humidifiers because it uses ultrasonic operation to produce visible mist that can be directed into a room using a nozzle attachment. The machine is quiet and has a relatively small footprint, making it easy to place on a bedside table, desk, or dresser. It comes with a water filter that captures minerals commonly found in tap water, eliminating the need to use distilled water.

However, its design has a few drawbacks that may make it not the best choice for all users. In our tests, it struggled to maintain a high humidity level for more than eight hours and had a hard time cleaning thoroughly in the crevices of its base. The process of refilling the tank is also laborious, requiring that you remove the unit from its electric base, unscrew its canister opening, and fill it under a faucet or with a water pitcher.

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