Honeywell Top Fill Evaporation Humidifier Review

Honeywell Top Fill Evaporation Humidifier Review

The humidifier works through a fan sucking dry air in, passing it through the filter and pushing hydrated air back out. The user manual recommends wetting the filter on first use to eliminate mineral buildup.

The unit is simple to use and clean, though it has a large water tank that will need to be refilled frequently. The unique top-fill design makes it mess-free to refill and the design is free of nooks and crannies for easy cleaning.

Ease of Use

Modern-day evaporative humidifiers use a fan to blow air through a filter or wick, which causes the water in the tank to evaporate and disperse into the air as a mist. The design of the Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier is straightforward and easy to use. The float paddles are easily snapped into place and the unit was up and running within minutes after removing it from the box. It has a large digital display that’s easy to read and the remote control makes it simple to adjust settings from anywhere in the room. The built-in humidistat provides a real-time reading of the humidity level and the auto shutoff feature saves water and electricity by stopping operation when the air hits your desired humidity.

The tank is easy to refill, but it’s tall and doesn’t fit well into shallow bathroom sinks. If you need to refill it often, you might want a model that has a removable tank or an indicator light that lets you see the water level. The loud noise it emits while operating might keep you awake at night, so if you want to put it in your bedroom, we recommend one of our quieter models.

In our tests, it increased the moisture level of the room by 33 percent on high and 24 percent on low in eight hours without creating a visible mist. It’s also relatively easy to clean, and we were able to remove the filter, water tank, and float paddles from the unit in less than 30 seconds.

Ease of Cleaning

With a few basic maintenance items, this model stays clean and working well. When it’s time to clean, a filter traps minerals and deposits, keeping them from dispersing into the air, and the tank can be easily removed for cleaning. It’s important to change the water often, as a buildup of mineral deposits can affect how effectively the humidifier works.

Like most evaporative humidifiers, this one uses a fan to draw dry air into the unit, where it passes through a wick filter that holds water. This water evaporates into a mist that is then released into the air, moisturizing and reducing the dryness in the room. Some of these models Top Fill evaporation Humidifier are designed to be used with an aromatherapy pad, which can add a pleasant scent to the air as it is released.

It also includes a remote control, an automatic shut-off when it runs out of water or is tipped over, and an adjustable humidity display. A white indicator light illuminates when the unit is running and turns off when it’s off. The water tank has a unique top-fill design that makes pouring in new water quick and easy, and it’s large enough to last a long time between refills.

While it may not offer as many features as other models in our test, this Levoit evaporative humidifier still manages to impress with its ability to quickly raise humidity levels in a large space. It is noisier and bigger than other models, but it does have a built-in hygrometer that provides a real-time readout of humidity, allowing you to adjust the settings accordingly.

Ease of Maintenance

A top-fill humidifier’s tanks are usually larger than those of cool mist models, meaning you’ll need to refill them more often. This can be inconvenient if you live alone or with someone who isn’t home to fill the tank, or if you have limited storage space in your home. A good solution is a model with a built-in water window that lets you see the water level in the tank at a glance, so you know when it’s time to refill.

Another convenient feature is an indicator light that shows the water tank’s current status—three green dots means it’s full, two indicates the tank is getting low, and one red dot means the tank is empty. It’s also a good idea to look for a model with a filter, which helps to keep minerals—like calcium and magnesium—from dispersing into the air as they evaporate from the water in the tank.

One of our favorites is the HUME Max, which holds up to 1.5 gallons of water and has a special window on its tank that lets you see the water level without opening the lid. It’s backed by Pure Enrichment’s industry-leading 5-year warranty, too. We like that it’s easy to clean and has a cartridge where you can add scented essential oils for an extra dose of moisture.

Ease of Installation

The Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier has simple controls, which makes it easy to use. The digital display lets you set a desired humidity level, and it shuts off when the air reaches that setting. The tank holds three gallons of water and can run for 24 hours on the lowest setting. It’s easy to refill, too: Simply open the lid and pour water in, even while the humidifier is running.

This evaporative humidifier features a unique design that draws air from the front and sides, instead of the bottom, which reduces odor. It’s also energy-efficient, consuming 30 percent less water than comparable units. Its humidistat sensor (also known as a hygrostat) monitors humidity levels and adjusts the device accordingly, helping you save money on energy costs.

Another advantage is that the mist tube sits at the top of the water tank, rather than the bottom, which allows you to easily add water without having to take the entire unit apart. It has a sleek look and can be placed in most rooms.

This model is easy to install and includes a kit with detailed instructions. You can even mount it on a wall if you prefer, but we recommend putting a floor drain near its installation location to help with any condensation and drips. A downside is Maxcan humidifier supplier that the tank has to be removed from its base to be emptied, which can lead to leakage and damage.

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