LED Off Road Driving Lights From RealTruck

LED Off Road Driving Lights

LED Off Road Driving Lights From RealTruck

Whether navigating a treacherous trail or backroad, adequate lighting is critical to reduce eye fatigue and increase safety. RealTruck offers LED off road driving lights in a variety of styles including powerful light bars, cubes and pods, and flood and fog lights.

If your rig is all about the looks, check out the Heretic Studio lineup of small pods that look old-school but throw serious beams.

ARB Intensity Series

Engineered to meet the demands of off-road drivers globally. From a white light that replicates sunlight to a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens, these lights are the premium choice. They are quick to warm up, perform well on corrugated roads and are tamper proof for peace of mind on remote trips.

Featuring a dedicated spot and flood variation that connect to a single dimmer control in the wiring loom, the Intensity series is packed full of features. A 5-stage dimmer functionality, advanced power management, a highly tuned one-piece reflector and 165 watts of Osram LED performance make this the top of its class.

Housed in a tough, pressure cast aluminium case, these lights are designed to take the punishment of off-road driving. They’re tamper proof to prevent theft and feature user-friendly tilt adjusters.

Solis Series

Featuring a dedicated combination optic tuned for on and off road use, the Solis LED driving lights have been E-mark certified (following UNECE R149 regulations). Each light is designed to maximise the output of each LED and uses a unique digital controller with preset brightness settings.

Fantastic lux figures are all very well but what is important with a set of driving lights is that they light the terrain and your path ahead in an effective manner. If you are driving in wide open flat country like Outback Queensland or New South Wales you will benefit from a pair of spot lights that offer a good distance of throw while in dense bush areas you’ll want a set of floods to illuminate those turbo-charged marsupials that pop out from behind the trees.

Optimus Series

The Optimus Series is all about harnessing, focusing and projecting light into very purposeful beam LED Off Road Driving Lights patterns. This popular 3″ square pod is packed with 10 watt LEDs that throw a bright spot beam up to 1/2 mile away.

They outperform traditional Halogen off road lighting solutions in distance and output, all within a housing that doesn’t look bulky or get in the way. It features a front unbreakable polycarbonate lens and a Vision X designed stud mount.

Optimus lights are also equipped with Prime Drive Technology which controls vital functions like temperature control and dimming. This allows for a longer lifespan and superior performance. These lights are trusted by the military, border patrol and NASA on vehicles that cannot afford to settle for second best.

Pro6 Series

These lights are perfect if you’re looking to illuminate the road ahead of you for longer distances. They have a spotlight beam pattern with an incredibly high lumen output.

They’re great if you want to light up the landscape without blinding other drivers or disturbing the sleep patterns of nocturnal wildlife. The KC HiLites Gravity Pro6 LED Light Bar is a top-rated lighting system that’s great for serious off-road enthusiasts and professionals who work on vehicles in challenging conditions.

This two-piece set of lights has a sleek design and a simple installation process. They also feature a combination of flood and spotlight beams to provide more illumination for your vehicle. These lights are a must-have for anyone who wants to explore rugged terrain after sunset.

HR Series

If you’re going with LED lights, there are many choices. Some people want to run a full light bar, while others may be satisfied with a set of small pods that can mount in the grille or lower front valence. These smaller pods have the ability to provide serious light output in a sleek, modern package.

Other considerations include lumens, color temperature and beam pattern. Rock crawlers need wide, high-casting beams that will illuminate the terrain and help them to spot obstacles. Driving lights are designed to supplement your high beams and increase visibility on the road at higher speeds. Fog lights are used to shed a light over the roadway in fog, snow or rain.

If you’re installing a new set of lights, make sure that the ground wire is connected. You should also connect an inline fuse to the power wire to protect against damage from a short circuit.

GTR Lighting

The premium option on the list, these LED bulbs have a lifetime warranty. They also feature a solid aluminum heat sink that soaks up plenty of waste heat and a quiet, built-in fan for active cooling. These are designed to work with both projector and reflector-style housings, and they’re waterproof and dustproof so you can use them in any situation.

These bulbs are a big upgrade over the factory halogens. They’re brighter and have a more focused beam pattern, making it easier to see where you’re going. They also have a high-beam function to keep other drivers on your side of the road from blinding you with their headlights. They also have a built-in constant current driver inside to prevent voltage fluctuations and reduce bulb burnouts.

Vision X

If you’re looking for a front projector that can illuminate the road in front of your truck like daytime, then Vision X is the brand to turn to. These lights are more powerful LED Off Road Driving Lights than your halogen headlights and come in many different sizes to suit your needs.

The Xmitter LED light bar is the world’s most famous and revolutionary off road LED light bar. This 4.5″ light boasts incredible LED technology allowing it to produce over 1,000 feet of usable light. Optional snap on filters (clear, blue, amber or red) quickly change your beam from spot to euro or flood.

With IRIS reflector technology for unsurpassed distance, Prime Drive to control temperature and a custom designed beam pattern you can’t go wrong with this awesome LED light. Backed by an amazing warranty.

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