Acoustic Ceiling Wood Panels

acoustic ceiling wood

Acoustic Ceiling Wood Panels

Acoustic wood ceiling panels bring a classic look to any room. They also provide a natural means to hide pipes, wires and other infrastructure above the ceiling.

Wood acoustic ceiling panels are commonly acoustic ceiling wood used in concerts, theatres, halls and boardrooms that require excellent sonority. They control unwanted reverberation and noise.

SoftGrid(r) Switch

With its faceted pyramid faces, SoftGrid Switch adds geometric dimensionality and quiet elegance to ceilings. Mix and match available modules and nodes to create faceted straight field layouts scalable to any sized space. With their unique attachment brackets, these building blocks install quickly and easily.

SoftGrid Max options provide more design flexibility for larger projects. They allow you to dramatically define spaces and aesthetics with seamless connections and acoustic support that’s made from Arktura’s high-performance sound attenuating Soft Sound material.

Particle micro-perforated ceiling and wall panels combine ease of installation with visual complexity to create a system that will have people looking twice. Select a colour or wood texture, add Arktura’s InLine or Backlight illumination and you have an architectural statement that will enhance your interior. Add a layer of acoustic performance with our sound attenuating non-woven acoustic fabric or light-transmitting frosted polycarbonate backers to make it your own. The possibilities are endless.

SoftGrid(r) Flux

SoftGrid Flux combines sound attenuation with beautifully intricate detailing in a scalable, flexible solution. Its acoustic ceiling modules create a geometric abstract shape and can connect together to cover larger areas or be used separately for a more focused acoustic ceiling wood design. Its acoustic material reduces the impact of everyday noise from ringing, typing, and chatter for a more productive environment. Choose from a large library of Soft Sound colors to accent fins and complement your space.

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