LED Moving Head Light

LED Moving Head Light

led moving head light

The LED Moving Head is a versatile light that can be matched with a variety of props, including confetti machines. Its many facets provide a variety of effects and can be controlled using a number of modes, including dimmer, iris, shutter, and zoom. You can also use a confetti machine to scatter light across the dance floor.

Beam lights

Beam lights for moving head lights can be operated in multiple modes. Some models are auto-controlled, while others can be controlled by DMX. In either mode, the user can change basic settings and add effects. Some models can also be self-repelled. This mode avoids fetching data from the console and instead runs through internal programming.

Moving head lights can be used for a variety of applications, from stage shows to fashion events. BEAM moving head lights are made with a led moving head light high-quality, heat-resistant cast aluminum shell. They can also be equipped with safety ropes to prevent them from malfunctioning. The design of these fixtures is quite subtle, with a cast aluminum shell and engineered plastic outer shell.

Beam fixtures can punch through a lighting plan and add a unique look to a venue. Beam lights typically symbolize strong, powerful light. While they are a popular choice for concerts, they are not commonly used at wedding parties. Instead, they’re better suited for other types of events.

Because they can operate all day, BEAM moving head fixtures are ideal for stage events, discos, and nightclubs. These fixtures are also portable and require little maintenance. The light beams from these fixtures can be aimed at a variety of objects, giving each event a unique look and feel.

Moving head lights should be cleaned regularly to maintain their lighting effect and prevent damage. A lot of dust can affect their life and the way they dissipate heat. Cleaning should be done every 25 to 30 days. Before cleaning, make sure to unplug the power cord.

Wash lights

There are several different types of moving head light wash lights. Each type offers a different type of effect. Some are very bright while others are very quiet. They also differ in price. It is important to consider the size of the wash area when choosing a wash light. For instance, a moving head light with a narrow beam may not work well in an environment with low ceilings.

While moving head lights may be a little more expensive than the traditional wash lights, they offer great flexibility in their use. Some moving head wash lights feature a color-changing effect, so they can provide a more dramatic look on stage. Some are best suited for large areas, while others are best for smaller areas.

Different types of LED moving head lights provide different effects. Beam lights are sharp and cut through the surrounding environment, while spot lights have a broader surface area. Spot lights are best for illuminating individual artists, while wash lights are best for illuminating an entire area.

Moving head lights are also used for stage lighting effects, including washing the stage in a single color, and contouring light effects. They can also be split into dozens of smaller beams, which can make it appear that there are multiple lights moving in the same direction. These lights are great for stage shows and are increasingly used on outdoor stages.


A multi-functional hybrid light can be the answer to many of your moving head lighting needs. With 3-in-1 power and feature sets, hybrid lights from Elation are perfect for a variety of applications. Hybrids are a led moving head light cost-effective solution for moving head lighting that doesn’t sacrifice performance for aesthetics.

The Photon Hybrid is a compact CMY color mixing luminaire with an 11000-lumen output. It has seven dichroic color filters and a variable color temperature that goes from 2700K to 6500K. Other features include a four-button LED DMX menu and manual focus. It also has a bidirectional 5-facet rotating prism and electronic iris.


LED moving head lights come in a variety of styles and are generally more expensive than spotlights. This type of light is designed to provide intense light that is directed toward the surf. However, this type of lighting can also interfere with marine life. In order to avoid this, it is important to choose a quality moving head light.

A good moving head light should feature a light source, a CMY color system, and a quiet construction. Moving head lights with a spot function are popular with many companies, as they can bring gorgeous effects to the stage. They are also available with rotating gobos, so you can choose a gobo with different colors to enhance the visual experience.

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