Electric Stacker

electric stacker

If you need to move small items indoors, an electric stacker will help you do so. It features small wheels and is best suited to flat concrete floors. However, you can purchase larger wheels if you need more mobility. You can also order counterbalance weights to distribute the weight of items. Electric stackers come in many different models.


The ES-RAS electric stacker is a versatile industrial equipment with outstanding performance, stability, and safety. Its design meets international safety standards and can operate in narrow aisles and at medium heights. It is a highly efficient machine with a rated capacity of 1200kg.

The ES-RAS features a low-noise, high-output electrical engine. Its combination with a hydraulic system provides high lifting capacity and minimizes downtime. Its compact footprint and quick deployment make it ideal for retail and office environments. Forklift servicing companies can perform repairs for the unit’s controller.

Another feature is the emergency reverse button. It can be disconnected from the power source if the machine starts spinning out of control. An ergonomic handle is another important safety feature. The machine also comes with a trouble-shooting indicator to help prevent accidents. The ES-RAS electric stacker is a great tool for warehouses and other environments with heavy lifting.

Another important feature of the ES-RAS electric stacker is its low profile power unit. It also features a wide-open mast window so the operator can see the tips of the forks. Moreover, the center-mounted tiller position puts the operator safely away from the power unit and ensures optimum visibility to both sides of the stacker. The ES Series electric stacker is designed for strength and durability. Its three-phase AC traction control motor delivers strong acceleration and power at any speed. It also includes an e-GEN braking system, which eliminates wear points on conventional mechanical brake systems.

A high-end electric stacker crane can be configured for single or multi-aisle racking systems. It can switch its operation between different racking aisles by means of a control system. With this configuration, a high-end electric stacker crane can be operated for long hours, as long as there are no unexpected pitfalls.

Stand-on stacker

A Stand-on electric stacker is an efficient equipment for businesses that need to handle a large number of items. Compared to manual stackers, this machine offers enhanced safety and dual speed operation. Besides, it features the highest residual capacity of its class. You can easily reposition and move it around as required.

The electric stand-on stacker is a powerful logistics machine that utilizes hydraulic and electric lift to stack items. Its hydraulic and electric drive can lift various objects, including pallets. It has an advanced operating system and a high capacity battery, which will allow it to work smoothly in different environments. Furthermore, it will not require the assistance of a special driver, which is an advantage in terms of efficiency and green environmental protection. Another benefit of using an electric stand-on stacker is that it can operate continuously for a long time when charged.

Electric stackers are perfect for medium to high intensity loads. These machines can lift up to 2000kg of weight. They can be used separately, or with a platform. If the goods need to be transported over a long distance, the platform is necessary. These electric stackers use an innovative AC system that delivers strong power and excellent performance. They also have a durable hydraulic unit and a long-lasting hydraulic system.

A stand-on electric stacker can be used in various industries. These machines are popular in industries with poor working conditions and heavy workloads. As they are powered by electricity, they can withstand even the harshest environments. They are available in various capacities, depending on the operation’s requirements.

If you’re looking for an efficient and safe stacker, a stand-in model is the perfect choice. Unlike a pedestrian stacker, stand-in stackers feature a safe driver’s compartment that keeps him protected. Unlike pedestrian stackers, the driver of a stand-in stacker is not exposed to falling objects and side impacts. Unlike pedestrian stackers, stand-on stackers do not have a dead man’s switch that prevents the truck from operating when the driver is not in control.

Mono mast stacker

A mono mast electric stacker is an electric stacker with a monomast, which gives the operator perfect visibility over the load. It is available in a variety of models, including a lightweight model that is suitable for confined spaces and lightweight loads. Its lifting capacity is around 1200kg.

These stackers are suitable for medium and light loads, and are ideal for situations where electric forklifts or lift trucks are impractical. They are lighter in weight than standard electric stackers and can raise products to eye level. They have a lifting capacity of about 1200kg, which is enough to move small loads in a warehouse.

These stackers are commonly used in retail stores, workshops, and small warehouses. They feature a tiller control that operates the lifting and driving functions. They are ideal for transporting pallets into small racks and are also useful as a workstation platform. Electric stackers are also available in ride-on models that are best suited for heavy duty or multi-shift applications.

All-electric forklift

An All-electric forklift stacker is a great choice if you need to stack pallets and are looking for a highly durable and efficient model. This type of forklift features adjustable support forks and straddle legs, and a maximum lifting height of 118 inches.

Electric stackers use lithium-ion batteries for power. This means that they save on fuel and diesel. In addition, they are more environment-friendly. This means that you’ll save money on fuel, diesel, and lead acid batteries. You can also customize your model if you like.

The All-electric forklift stacker is a highly versatile device that can handle many tasks. The machine is controlled by a computer, and can lift up to 1600kg. These stackers also have a higher lift capacity and less physical labor than a normal forklift. They are very efficient and can be operated in tight spaces. The cabs on electric stackers are designed for comfort and ease of use. They can also handle different sized pallets.

Electric pallet stackers are a great choice for warehouses and shops that need to move loads in and out of the warehouse. These stackers can be easily pushed around the warehouse and have a great deal of safety features that make them an excellent choice. Compared to manual push stackers, an All-electric forklift stacker has a smooth drive and powered lift that makes moving pallets and racking a breeze.

When selecting an All-electric forklift stacker, be sure to look at the charging capabilities. The battery capacity and charging time will determine how long it can operate in the field. Ideally, you’ll get about four hours of battery life on a fully loaded electric forklift stacker. Alternatively, you can extend the life of the battery by periodically unplugging the battery.

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