Selecting a Lifting Equipment Manufacturer

Selecting a Lifting Equipment Manufacturer

When selecting a lifting equipment manufacturer, consider a few things. What is the manufacturer’s management system and what certifications does it have? Is it certified by DNV-GL? Does it have accreditation from the Emirates International Accreditation Center? Does the company perform regular inspections and maintenance? Is it part of a quality system? How does the company ensure the highest possible level of service? Do you have a preference for a certain brand?


If you are looking for a lifting equipment manufacturer in the UAE, then Dutest is a name you can trust. They provide an extensive selection of lifting equipment at affordable prices. The company has been in the business for two decades, and their products are certified and up to international safety standards. If you need lifting equipment for your business, you should give Dutest a try. This company is also a leading supplier of lifting equipment to UAE and GCC countries.

They also manufacture a variety of safety and lifting accessories. They provide lifting slings for every kind of job, from construction to the entertainment industry. You can find wire rope, chain, and webbing slings from Dutest. Other products include chain blocks, safety harnesses, load cells, and eye bolts. Dutest is also an accredited third party inspection body, so you can be confident that your purchase is safe and reliable.

Saudi Dutest is an established and reliable lifting equipment manufacturer in the region. Its expertise and partnerships with various brands in the industry allow it to consistently deliver high-quality lifting equipment. Founded in 2011, the company operates in the United Arab Emirates, where its presence extends to a large list of prestigious clients. Their dedication to ensuring quality are among their highest priorities. The company’s mission is to be the leading lifting equipment manufacturer in the Saudi region and strives to offer the best products and services for its customers.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying lifting equipment, Dutest also undertakes testing, inspection, and certification work on lifting equipment. This includes the inspection of all types of cranes, escalators, goods lifts, forklift trucks, and passenger and cargo escalators. Furthermore, they inspect anchor points and lifting beams. Despite their size and reputation, Dutest continues to deliver quality lifting equipment to the UAE.

Penny Hydraulics

Based in Chesterfield, UK, Penny Hydraulics is a leading lifting equipment manufacturer and has recently announced a PS6 million turnover for its year ending 30 June 2016. It was founded by John ‘Penny’ Penny in 1978 as a provider of nationwide hydraulic garage equipment. The company has since expanded into many other markets and developed a diversified range of products, including lifting equipment for commercial vehicles.

Swing Lift vehicle mounted cranes, which can lift up to 2 tonnes, are a popular choice for heavy-duty applications. Swing Lift vehicle-mounted cranes are able to handle heavy loads and are easily fitted to most commercial vehicles. QT Equipment has a wide range of vehicles and can install these cranes to suit its customers’ needs. For example, it has installed a V12 crane on a large utility vehicle that performs ground stabilisation work.

Since its inception over 40 years ago, Penny Hydraulics has developed lifting equipment for mezzanine floors and other special areas. It is now a global player in the lifting equipment industry, and is committed to helping customers meet their requirements. It is an example of a company that has adapted to changing markets and thrived in tough economic times. So, it is not surprising to see a company of this stature flourishing and growing in the industry.

One of its most famous customers is British Telecom. The company is the chosen supplier for the lifting equipment used by its fleets across the UK. It is credited with the development of the first vehicle-mounted crane, the SwingLift. This crane allowed operators to move bulky items safely while the van itself was still in use. The Lightweight LoadLift has now been adapted for a variety of uses.


A leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms, JLG has continued to expand its product line. The ES Series includes a simple, recessed ground control panel and a single limit switch. These lifts are also built with fewer moving parts to make servicing and maintenance easier. Service is streamlined, with common parts and procedures for all models. The company also provides complete Ground Support services to provide maintenance and repair assistance on its lifting equipment.

The company was founded in 1969 by John Landis Grove, an engineer by trade who wanted to build something he could use himself. He began by purchasing a small metal fabrication business in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, and hired 20 people to build the first JLG aerial work platform. While the company has evolved over the years, many of the basic design elements of the first lift are still used in JLG products. In 2006, JLG became a subsidiary of the Oshkosh Corporation Company. Since then, JLG has had three presidents and distributors worldwide.

The JLG AR App features five tools to optimize project planning and management. The JLG AR App is ideal for planning projects and managing equipment. These lifts have drive/rise functionality, excellent manoeuvrability in tight isles, and increased capacities. HC3 booms feature three work zones and increase capacities. Additionally, JLG offers compliant machines and rugged terrain scissor lifts for every type of application.

In addition to telehandlers, JLG is expanding its line of scissor lifts. Two of the four new compact electric scissor lifts were on display at the show. The ES1330L is a lightweight electric drive scissor lift with a platform height of 13 feet. It is perfect for confined spaces and suspended floors. A new version of this scissor lift will be on the market early next year.


SEFAC is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty mobile lifts. With over 65,000 mobile column lifts in use around the world, the company has established a solid market position and is now offering its products in Australia. SEFAC focuses on three main activities: manufacturing heavy duty mobile lifts, service and research, and supplying new and used equipment. As a global leader in heavy duty lifting equipment, SEFAC offers a range of solutions for any application.

Founded in 1884, SEFAC has evolved into a leading supplier of lifting equipment worldwide. The company’s name is derived from Societe d’Estampage et de Forge Ardennes Champagne. Founder Emile DESPAS first conceived the company in 1884, and by the end of the 1960’s, the company was developing a line of lifting equipment. By the 1970’s, the company was making its first sales and the brand had grown to become one of the most respected in the world.


In addition to delivering innovative products, Zoomlion has recently released the ZAT24000H all-terrain crane. This crane has a 2,400-ton lifting capacity, which beat the previous record of 2,000 tons set in 2012. It also comes with telescopic booms for wind turbines and a high-power hoisting system. This crane can lift even the largest wind turbines in 30 minutes. This crane has earned a reputation as a world-class lifter.

Zoomlion wheel loaders are characterized by excellent performance, low fuel consumption, and excellent gradeability. Their superior hydraulic system provides excellent off-road performance and a large work area. Bulldozers and drills by Zoomlion are known for their outstanding precision, portability, and efficiency. Zoomlion concrete mixers feature a large capacity and smart pouring system to ensure less material is wasted. In addition, Zoomlion RT60 is highly maneuverable and can be operated in a variety of environments.

With a global reputation, Zoomlion’s product portfolio is extensive. Its cranes range extends from construction site hoists to concrete delivery systems. For more information, visit the Zoomlion website. It is the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer and is listed on Hong Kong and the Shenzhen stock exchanges. If you want to buy a crane from Zoomlion, here’s a look at their top selling models.

As a leading construction machinery manufacturer in China, Zoomlion has recently opened the world’s largest intelligent tower crane factory. The new facility, located in Changde, China, marks Zoomlion’s first step into intelligent manufacturing. By combining big data analysis with the industrial internet, information system, and visualization, the factory’s production line can be optimized and run more smoothly than ever. The result? An increased revenue for Zoomlion.

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