Plastic Bags Vs. Paper Bags? Which One Is Better

Plastic bags have some advantages over paper bags. High-density polyethylene is used to make the typical grocery store plastic bag (HDPE). In contrast, the outer covering of the wooden stem is used for making plastic bags.

One of the major advantages of plastic bags over paper bags is the low manufacturing cost. Plastic bags are by far the least expensive to manufacture, according to studies. Only a thin layer of plastic is needed to make a plastic bag. While in the case of paper bags, you need wood which is comparatively expensive. 

According to a research article, it takes more than 4 times more energy to manufacture a paper bag than it does to manufacture a plastic bag. More energy means more costs during the manufacturing process.

Unlike plastic bags, which, according to the research, are made from waste products of oil refining, paper bags necessitate the destruction of forests. Destroying forests just for the making of paper bags is not worth it. It must be stopped because the forest is a homeland of animals. Instead of planting trees and plastic bags, manufacturers are cutting trees.

According to the study, the manufacturing method produces a higher concentration of hazardous substances than single-use plastic bags. This does not usually happen in the case of plastic bags. Although plastic bags are not atmosphere friendly comparatively, yet they are better than paper bags.

Paper bags are also heavier than plastic bags, which means they take more energy to carry, increasing their carbon impact, according to the study. According to research, the material used to create its paper bags would be derived entirely from responsibly managed forests.

All these facts prove that plastic bags are far better than paper bags. If you want to avail of their benefits, you can buy them from Guangzhou Hongchang Plastic Co., Ltd. They are professional plastic bag wholesalers.

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