Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective rehabilitation and recovery methods for people of all age.

Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective rehabilitation and recovery methods for people of all ages. The sessions take place in a special pool equipped with devices adapted to the abilities and needs of the different groups of patients. Hydrotherapy services are in demand in medical and rehabilitation centers, sports facilities, nursing homes, sanatoriums, gyms, and clinics.

Many spas are reluctant to introduce hydrotherapy services because it is not always possible to build an entire pool in an existing building. AQUA MAXX provides an effective solution to this problem. Organize your hydrotherapy room using our exclusive mobile system, the Modular Pool. The therapeutic modular hydrotherapy pool is a steel frame with clear acrylic windows. The pool is assembled from several separate modules and is equipped with functional equipment according to the details of the hydrotherapy program.

Benefits of the modular hydrotherapy pool

Flexible functionality. The set of functional elements is selected individually in accordance with the specifics of the medical institution. There are no hard limits for this problem. Customers uniquely determine the capabilities of the hydrotherapy pool.

Existence of one or more shop windows. Through a large viewing window, the therapist can observe the course of the class, notice and correct errors in time, record training dynamics, track changes in the patient’s physical condition, and adjust the program on the spot. prompt.

Coach Convenience Unlike traditional in-ground pools, the Modular Treatment Pool is located above ground. Patients and therapists work face-to-face, increasing training effectiveness and helping specialists monitor exercise accuracy.

Easy installation. An important feature of the modular pool is that its installation does not require extensive assembly and demolition work on the ground. The design mounts directly to the ceiling and the pool can be disassembled and moved to another room if desired. Easy installation eliminates unnecessary financial costs and the need to obtain permits of all kinds. The modules that make up the pool fit freely into standard doors, eliminating the need for large installation openings.

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