Furniture made of MDF board covered with PVC film is very popular.

Furniture made of MDF board covered with PVC film is very popular. They have many advantages over classic furniture fronts made of plastic or chipboard laminated with glass, acrylic paint and wood.

MDF panels are manufactured in a wide range, with sheet measurements of 1220×2795 mm and plate thicknesses of 8 mm or 18 mm. It is used in the manufacture of various types of furniture such as kitchen sets, cabinets, beds and countertops. It is expressed in various colors such as gold, burgundy, olive, cobalt, black/anthracite metallic/gloss.

MDF Frame Profile

MDF profiles are often used in the manufacture of furniture. In this case, an 8 mm thick film coated AGT panel is used as an insert. You can combine the interior fill and frame color to create a designer.

Panels with a thickness of 18 mm are also widely displayed with more than 50 decorations. The surface is very glossy and resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. As a rule, ABS edges are used to finish off the edges of fa├žade furniture.

The main rule for the manufacture of furniture with MDF frame profile and AGT panel is compliance with the latest quality standards. High wear resistance and improved resistance to mechanical stress are the main advantages of the MDF profile and AGT panel in production.

Painted MDF

Furniture manufacturers pay special attention to the painted MDF. It must be created according to the individual customer order. Before the start of the manufacturing process, all technical aspects have been agreed upon. The question of the customer’s color predisposition is carefully considered and the color that suits his wishes is selected.

Each customer has the right to choose for himself a special and unique type of furniture   offered by the manufacturer or supplier. The dimensions are agreed in advance and you choose what you need. Non-standard execution options are available that take various design decisions into account.

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