Why Reverse Osmosis Water

Osmosis water is your tap water. Easy. Cheap. Comfortable. In the reverse osmosis systems, the tap water first runs through various pre-filters to remove coarse dirt and is then pressed through an osmosis membrane. 

The membrane is the heart of every osmosis system and resembles a fine sieve. Only the water molecules can get through the fine structure and lime, pollutants, pesticides, drug residues, etc. migrate directly into the wastewater.

The result – the purest osmosis water directly from your tap! With no other method, you get 100% lime-free tap water.

What Are The Advantages Of Reverse Osmosis Water?

Some wonder why you should drink reverse osmosis water and what it brings to people. There are probably a few reasons that explain the sharp increase in demand for osmosis water in recent years. 

The purity of the water results in a better and softer taste of your drinking water. Tea and coffee become a unique pleasure! You promote your body awareness through a healthier diet and give your body the opportunity to detoxify and purify.

You can do without bottled water in the future and save yourself not only lugging the crates but also a lot of money, as our water cost comparison shows you. 

In addition, your fresh vegetables retain their color and freshness during cooking and taste more aromatic. Ice cubes are clearer and melt more slowly, and water for preparing baby food no longer has to be boiled separately, since reverse osmosis water is already free of all harmful substances.

By the way, if you are worried that all minerals will be removed, you can add minerals and trace elements to your drinking water. 

Our tip: Use osmosis water to clean surfaces or to polish cutlery – limescale is a thing of the past!

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