Advantages of Having an Electric Concrete Pump

Electric concrete pumps have numerous benefits. This is why they are used in several construction applications. If you are planning to lease an electric concrete pump, there are several things that you should know. This article discusses some of them.

Less Maintenance Costs:

Maintenance costs can be quite high especially if you use an air-cooled diesel engine concrete pump. On the other hand, electric concrete pumps are not costly to maintain. That’s because their engines don’t require oil changes too often and they use minimal parts that wear out quickly.

Also, electric concrete pumps do not use radiators or belts in their engines hence they will seldom break down when you are using them. This means that you will end up saving a lot of money on maintenance costs which will enable you to make more profits as a contractor.

More Energy-Efficient:

Electric concrete pumps need less energy to operate compared to other types of concrete pumps. This is because they use electricity as opposed to petrol or diesel which are much more expensive than electricity. 

Using less expensive energy sources will help reduce your operating costs significantly thus increasing your profits as a contractor. 

Also, since electric concrete pumps use less fuel, they have a minimal environmental impact when compared to other types of concrete pumps that run on diesel or petrol.


Electric concrete pumps are safer than other types of pumps because they do not have diesel fuel tanks that could potentially explode if there is a fire.  They are also great for areas where noise pollution is an issue, as you will not have to worry about disturbing anyone with your construction project.

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