A Brief Introduction of Golf Cart And Its Maintenance

Golf is a ball sport with a centuries-old tradition. The aim is to get a ball into a hole in as few strokes as possible, using different golf clubs. A round of golf usually consists of 9 to 18 holes, which are completed one after the other on a golf course.

According to current golf rules, up to 14 clubs can be taken by the player on a round of golf. The clubs differ in the length of the shaft (measured in inches in golf), loft, construction, and material. 

So that you can use your existing golf cart fleet to the full again next season, we have summarized the most important maintenance and care instructions for your e-carts and their batteries here for you.

Charge the batteries at regular intervals when the vehicle is parked for longer periods (especially in winter) and first switch off the main switch (under the passenger seat).

Batteries should not be deeply discharged if possible (discharge of max. 45-50% freeze-proof down to -17° C, fully charged batteries freeze-proof up to -70° C, information on the charge control display).

Golf Cart Maintenance Checklist:

  • Carry out a test drive and listen for unusual noises and normal steering and braking behavior
  • Check front tire alignment and adjust if necessary
  • Establish the required tire pressure
  • Check and lubricate brake system
  • Clean the vehicle with the products recommended in the owner’s manual
  • Prepare vehicle for storage if necessary (key removed, tow mode activated, parking brake applied)

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