What Should you Think About Before you Travel?

Travel Advice With Vaccination and Malaria Check:

Personal travel advice should also be provided for short trips. Vaccination regulations and recommendations according to the travel destination, as well as individually useful vaccinations and protective measures (e.g. in the case of special risks), should be discussed.

Batteries and Flashlight Bring:

spare batteries for battery-operated devices (e.g. inhaler, speech aid for people who have had larynx surgery, hearing aid, etc.). For network-dependent devices, you may need adapters for the sockets in the country you are traveling to.

Abroad (Africa, Asia, Latin America) power failures can often occur. A flashlight can also be useful in nature in the evening, as many poisonous animals (including snakes) move about in the dark.

Insect and Sun Protection:

Mosquito-repellent creams, lotions, sprays, etc., clothing that covers the body (especially for the twilight and evening hours), if necessary aerosols, vaporizers, candles, incense coils, mosquito nets. Take sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and sun blocker for exposed areas of the skin (e.g. the bridge of the nose), a hat, and breathable clothing (to protect against sun and heat).

ID Cards and Copies:

Passport, vaccination certificate or exemption from vaccination, health certificates and documents (e.g. blood group, allergy, diabetic passport), important membership cards (including accident, travel and health insurance, ADAC), credit cards, doctor’s ID (especially if you are carrying medical material, special medication Etc.). Make copies of important IDs and keep them in another place in your luggage with a good quality bag lock, in case of loss (if necessary leave them with family or friends in case of an emergency).

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