Starter Battery Or Deep Cycle Consumer Battery

Batteries for cyclic use, such as solar batteries, have different tasks and properties than starter batteries. Starter batteries are suddenly required again after a long period of inactivity and have to start the engine of a car or mobile home, etc. You then have the opportunity to recharge while driving. Such batteries can be purchased easily from any deep cycle battery supplier.

Cyclical use means ensuring a mains-independent power supply from an auxiliary battery for as long a period as possible. This requirement is primarily for mobile homes, campers, caravans, boats, wheelchairs for sick people, electric caddies, e-bikes, and many other applications.

The Peculiarities Of Consumer Cyclic Batteries:

The batteries for cyclic use are robust, reliable, and maintenance-free. In any position, no matter how crooked, they reliably deliver the intended voltage and are not damaged. These special batteries are designed for permanent charging and discharging. 

In the best case, the battery is charged throughout the day by the solar system, in the worst case, if no solar system is available, the cycle-resistant battery is attached to a charger. The term or property of cycle stability indicates the ability of a battery to withstand this cyclic load.


The Peculiarities Of The Gel Battery:

A cycle battery is a gel battery. Thanks to its special architecture and mode of operation, it offers a maximum supply of energy. This is exactly what makes them a reliable source of power for the heavy demands of professional cyclic use. The basic idea of ​​the gel battery, that sulfuric acid was bound in a gel through the use of silicic acid.

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