Robot Coupe Dicing Kit – A Dicing Skilled In A Equipment


Why ought to you get a Robotic Coupe Dicing Kit?

The Robotic Coupe Dicing Package will make quick perform of a large assortment of fruits and veggies which include carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery to name just a several. Reducing, slicing, grating can be continued for several hours with continuous large velocity overall performance. These responsibilities typically acquire a great deal lengthier time if carried out by an unique particular person. So this will aid you to cut down your strain all through cooking in the kitchen area. They are immensely potent, resilient and straightforward to clean up. The high quality and brilliance of these have captured each individual chef’s interest. They are developed to conserve house and are the excellent treat for the restaurant field, establishments, faculties, colleges, delicatessens, and caterers. Robotic Coupe types various models of which differ in size and performance.

Right here is a synopsis on the Robot Coupe 27265 3/8″ *3/8″

The Robotic Coupe 27265 3/8″ * 3/8″ Dicing Kit lets you dice 3/8″ * 3/8″ (10mm*10mm) cubes with relieve. This kit comes with a 3/8″ slicer plate to reduce the solution to duration. It performs with the dicer grid to make completely-formed dice cubes just about every time.

A 3/8″ dicing grid performs with the slicer plate to form the item into modest cubes for use in soups, salads, and other recipes.

This Kit is designed to use on R2 Dice sequence processors, which are precisely created to accommodate along with other standard foods processor discs.

In addition to this, there are other products of Dicing Kit which are hugely commendable, enduring and serve the finest to each and every chef’s meals preparing process. Some of them are 28112, Robot coupe 27290, 28111, 28110, 28181, 28179 and a lot much more. Just about every Dicing Package is tailor-built for unique function as they minimize, slice, grate, veggies and fruits reducing your time and labor.

Depend on Robot Coupe OEM Elements to service your kitchen area gear!

If any of your Tools goes erroneous, assistance it with only legitimate OEM Replacement Areas. They are highly successful and trusted. OEM Pieces are guaranteed to be the most effective in the sector. By installing them, you will give your kitchen machines a total, practical operational everyday living. You require not have to go for recurrent repairs as the longevity of your machines will stay uncompromised. Some illustrations of Robotic Coupe OEM Areas are Foods processor pieces, meals slicer sections, mixer components, substitution blades, dicing kits, grating plates, pin assemblies, handles, pusher assemblies, mixing bowls and several more.

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