Picking a Pallet Truck Supplier

Aug 5, 2022 automated machinery

Picking a Pallet Truck Supplier

Picking a Pallet Truck Supplier

pallet truck supplier

While you may be thinking about buying a pallet truck for your warehouse, you’re probably wondering which manufacturer or brand is best. Hyster, Rico, Robon, Sroka, and others are all excellent brands to consider. Each of these brands offers a variety of features that make them an excellent choice for your needs. If you’re still unsure, read on for some helpful advice. Hyster pallet trucks are built tough and are made to last for years. They also have a wide variety of models to choose from, with weight capacities ranging from two to ten thousand pounds.


A Sroka pallet jack is one of the most durable in the industry, with heavy-gauge steel construction and proven industrial components. Sroka pallet trucks have an ergonomic tiller handle and standard Zerk grease fittings for easy maintenance. The company’s super-duty models have been trusted by the US armed forces. Their robust workhorses are built to handle the most demanding environments. If your business is in need of a pallet jack, be sure to look at Sroka’s extensive line of pallet jacks.

As a family-owned company, Sroka designs and manufactures their products in the USA. Their solutions are customized to fit the needs of leading industries around the world. Their products include complete engineering, metal fabrication, assembly, and testing. With a focus on customer needs, Sroka has a wide range of products that can fit any budget. They are committed to helping their customers make the best possible decision and to giving them the support they need.


When it comes to choosing a pallet truck, there are many benefits to the Hyster brand. These lift trucks feature advanced technology and ergonomic design, and are dependable and low maintenance. They also increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Find out more about each model and its benefits, and contact a Hyster pallet truck supplier to learn more. The company has been a leading manufacturer of lift trucks for over 90 years, and its products are available in many different applications.

Hyster-Yale Group, Inc. was founded in 1896 with the goal of becoming an industry leader. In 2012, they became an authorized Hyster dealer. The Hyster brand is sold in more than 130 countries worldwide and boasts one of the most diverse ranges of capacities. Its range of lift trucks ranges from two to 115,000 pounds, making it an ideal choice for a variety of warehouse applications and heavy-duty jobs.

Hyster Hand Pallet Trucks are highly versatile, ergonomic and durable. Their welded steel construction and high-quality paint finish help them withstand the rigors of warehouse and production facilities. These lift trucks can also handle loads up to 150kg. Economy models are designed for light to moderate use and come with reinforced bulkhead, tapered forks and standard easy-lift pump. Hyster(r) Hand Pallet Trucks are ideal for warehouse and production use, ranging from small to medium-sized operations.

High-lift pallet trucks are made of AISI-316 stainless steel and include a fast-action hydraulic pump and high-quality nylon wheels. They feature K3 indicators and cold-galvanized paint. They also include shoes to keep the unit securely on the ground. And, for the most practical and cost-effective way to move pallets, the high-lift model is the ideal solution. There are many other benefits of this brand, and these include durability, low cost, and ease of use.


If you’re looking for a new pallet truck, look no further than the products offered by Rico. From custom-built lift trucks to engineered material handling equipment, Rico has redefined the conventional. From pallet trucks to heavy-duty lifts, the company’s line of specialty trucks is engineered to meet the most demanding applications and safely lift loads up to 400,000 pounds. The company’s high lift pallet is ideal for industries requiring increased lifting heights or needing to increase load stability and control, and comes in either a walk-behind or ride-on version.

RICO’s hazardous products division has a longstanding tradition of excellence in design, manufacturing, and installation. This commitment has helped RICO become the leading manufacturer of EX equipment in North America. With a wide range of products and a dedicated service network, RICO continues to exceed customer expectations. If you have a hazardous product application, RICO has the EX lift truck solution for your operation. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that your investment in a new RICO pallet truck will stand up to the demands of the most demanding environments.

Rico’s lineup of pallet trucks includes counterbalanced, reach, platform, and straddle trucks. They all adhere to all safety standards, including ISO 9001 and TUV-US certification. Hyster trucks are highly engineered and can withstand hazardous materials, including oil and paint. Authorized Hyster dealers can provide you with a wide variety of products. They are also an excellent choice for companies that need to meet DOT requirements.


A Robon pallet truck is a vehicle that is used for lifting and transporting pallets. The ride-on design makes it a convenient and comfortable means of transportation, making loading and unloading faster and easier. This makes the operation safer, as a ride-on pallet truck can reach speeds of 12km per hour. The ride-on design allows the user to steer with a single hand, making it the ideal vehicle for warehouse use.

Midland Pallet Trucks

Retailers across the Midlands need to consider the benefits of investing in a pallet truck and other materials handling equipment. A new global coronavirus pandemic has prompted the rise in online shopping, and the company is encouraging customers to prepare for a busy holiday shopping season by implementing returns policies. A well-maintained and reliable pallet truck fleet can help businesses run more efficiently and keep customers loyal. This article will provide a few tips to help you make the most of this year’s rush for Christmas.

As a leading supplier of manual handling equipment, Midland Pallet Trucks has long championed the warehouse industry. Workers in this sector face a unique set of challenges. For example, they are susceptible to repetitive action, keyboard work, and manual handling. This can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and cost businesses PS16 billion annually. Despite the need for efficient equipment, the physical workforce remains a critical component in warehouse and industrial environments.

The latest models of Midland Pallet Trucks have many benefits for companies that transport large amounts of materials. The newest models are 1000mm in length and can handle more weight than the previous models. In addition to offering a variety of models, Midland Pallet Trucks are a leading manufacturer of pallet trucks and offer quality pallet trucks at low prices. Their trucks are CE, GS, TUV, and ISO9002 certified. If you’re a warehouse owner, it’s important to look into the benefits of investing in a pallet truck.

As energy prices continue to rise, warehouses across the UK are feeling the pressure of soaring costs. Despite this, warehouse owners still need to pay more to attract employees, purchase equipment, and power their warehouses. Warehouse managers need to consider cost-saving strategies to remain profitable. Fortunately, Midland Pallet Trucks has the answer. By investing in quality equipment, their customers will benefit from low costs and high-quality service.