Bedroom Set Manufacturers

Bedroom Set Manufacturers

If you’re shopping for a new bedroom set, look for one that includes a dresser and nightstand. These pieces will provide ample storage space for your clothes and bed linens.

Many of Bernhardt’s collections include pieces for every room of the house, so you can coordinate your style throughout the entire home. These sets also offer savings over buying individual pieces of furniture.


Founded in 1919 and located in Galax, Virginia, Vaughan-Bassett is the largest maker of wooden adult bedroom furniture in the United States. The company uses premium wood materials and meticulous craftsmanship to elevate living spaces, resulting in beautiful, functional furniture pieces that will last for generations. Their commitment to sustainability is unparalleled, with 97% of their manufacturing process taking place right here in America.

Pine, oak, maple, cherry, ash, poplar, and birch are the primary wood species used in their bedroom furniture collections. Their pieces feature tastefully weathered details and timeless cottage styling that stands the test of time.

Vaughan-Bassett offers a wide range of styles, scales, and finishes for their solid wood bedroom sets. The Reflections Collection, for example, offers multiple dresser and chest options in dark cherry, medium cherry, ebony, or parchment. In addition, all Vaughan-Bassett chests and dressers are UL Stability Verified to ensure quality and safety. They also feature a variety of drawer and door configurations to fit any style. All Vaughan-Bassett bedroom set components are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.


Bernhardt furniture is a luxury brand that is known for its artisan-crafted, high-end products. Their bedroom sets are no exception, and they offer the utmost in comfort and style. You can find a Bernhardt set that includes your bed, nightstands, dresser, and mirror to complete your space.

Their story began in 1889 when John Mathias Bernhardt, who had spent several years out west as a pioneer, returned to Lenoir, North Carolina, to begin his furniture company. He used his experiences in the wilderness to inspire his furniture design. The Bernhardt family still owns the company today and has a passion for inspired design.

Bernhardt is one of the largest family-owned furniture companies in the US. They have eight manufacturing facilities in North Carolina and six offices overseas. They were also among the first to start collaborating with partners and factories in Asia, which has helped them expand their reach globally.

Many of their products feature buttery-smooth top grain leathers, bedroom set manufacturers lustrous 5-ply wood veneer finishes, and plush down blend cushions and pillows. They also have a wide range of upholstery colors, which can complement any décor. They are also committed to environmentally-friendly practices, which aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious products.

Century Furniture

The company was founded in 1947 by Harley Ferguson Shuford Sr. and remains a family-owned business to this day. Their luxury furniture is made in Hickory, North Carolina and combines impeccable design with quality craftsmanship. They offer a broad line of wood and upholstered furniture in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. Their products include dining rooms, bedroom sets, and living room sofas. They also offer customizable pieces to suit your unique style.

Their company continues to grow and thrive, expanding their showrooms and collaborating with designers worldwide. They king size bed frame also push the boundaries of furniture design, exploring new materials and experimenting with form and function.

Bob Maricich joined Century in 2000, just as the company was experiencing its best year yet. He understands the challenges of leading a company through unprecedented change and is focused on meeting the needs of today while preparing for the future. He is supported by his team of dedicated people and their commitment to excellence and customer service. The Rock House Farm Family of companies now includes Century Furniture, Hancock & Moore, Hickory Chair, Highland House Furniture, Maitland Smith and Jessica Charles.


Burrow has become the go-to brand for sofa in a box furniture with a focus on ease of assembly and a generous return policy. Its products are made in the USA and feature USB cable integration, a flexible back that easily transitions from sitting to sleeping, and customizable fabric options. They also offer a range of sofa sizes and configurations.

The company was founded by Wharton grads Kabeer Chopra and Stephen Kuhl and got its start as a bootstrapped startup. They then gained a spot in the Y Combinator accelerator program and received an investment of $120,000. They now employ a staff of more than a dozen and have an office in New York City.

In addition to its sofas, Burrow offers a sectional and love seat in the Nomad collection that turns into a sleeper. This option is ideal for people who lack a spare bedroom and want to host friends or family who are snorers. In addition, Burrow’s sleep kit includes a custom sheet set, a quilted blanket, and a memory foam topper.


Castlery is a direct-to-consumer furniture brand that specializes in modern designs. Their collection includes furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor patio. They also sell home accessories and storage solutions. Castlery delivers nationwide, and offers a variety of delivery service options. These include Front Door Delivery, White Glove Delivery, and Room of Choice. In addition, Castlery offers a 14-day return policy.

Their products are made in China and Southeast Asia, and they strive to follow ethical labor practices. They also conduct regular factory audits and background checks to ensure quality control. In addition, they use sustainable materials such as Spanish marble and Turkish travertine for their tabletop lines.

To maintain the beauty of your Castlery furniture set, you should dust it regularly to remove dirt and debris. You can also clean it using a mild detergent and warm water. Always follow the care instructions on the furniture’s label to prevent damage and premature wear.

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