Smart Projectors Transform Classrooms

Smart Projectors Transform Classrooms

In the same way that smartphones have revolutionized personal entertainment and business productivity, smart projectors are transforming classrooms. They are the pillars of new modes of learning, from flipped classrooms to hybrid work sessions.

Choose a model that offers wireless streaming capabilities for a completely seamless experience. Look for features that allow you to cast your phone, tablet or laptop, and consider a stylish design that suits contemporary living spaces.

1. Zebronics Smart Projector

Enjoy theater like entertainment at home with this smart LED projector from Zebronics. It features 1080p FHD native resolution and comes with a high-quality long-life lamp for consistent performance. It also supports dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1, making it easy to connect with devices. It also offers multiple input options including dual HDMI and dual USB, allowing you to connect various devices at once. This portable projector can be ceiling mounted and comes with a remote control.

With a screen size of up to 508cms, this projector will elevate your home theatre experience to the next level. Featuring an Smart Projector electronic focus control via the remote, this smart projector is sure to deliver sharp and clear visuals every time. Its built-in speaker also packs powerful sound into its visuals, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite movies, TV shows, live sports and gaming in style.

This 1080p Smart LED Projector is the perfect choice for those who want to upgrade their current entertainment setup. It comes with a quad-core processor that makes it super easy to install and browse apps like Youtube, Netflix, etc via its inbuilt Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can also connect your pen drive and watch content on the go. Additionally, this projector has dual USB ports and a micro SD card slot so you can expand your viewing options even more.

2. BenQ Smart Projector

A smart projector is an affordable and long-lasting solution to transforming traditional classrooms into blended learning spaces. It provides teachers with all the tools they need to easily share their materials from cloud storage and open up the floor for students to participate and interact. It is also designed with longevity in mind by incorporating IP5X-certified dustproof technology to ensure that it can work for years without being damaged by dust and other particles.

It features an in-built smart system that comprises of Android TV with over 5,000 apps and can stream online content from any WIFI-enabled device. With the help of this feature, you can quickly get your presentations going and save the time spent on downloading or searching for content. This smart home theater projector has a long-lasting lifespan and comes with a variety of other convenient features such as auto screen focus, auto obstacle avoidance, and auto keystone correction.

The projector also comes with a built-in smart media reader and a USB Type-A port that makes it easy to present from a flash drive and access smart apps and the Internet without connecting to a laptop or tablet. It also offers a powerful speaker that delivers clear sound and can be adjusted according to the room’s environment. You can even use the built-in Blizz app to conduct video conferencing with teammates. Moreover, it helps you create documents collaboratively using WPS Office and surf the web with its built-in FireFox browser.

3. Philips Smart Projector

The Philips NeoPix Ultra 2 Full HD Smart Projector has a lcd projector wholesale high resolution for crisp images and a 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio to help bring out the detail in dark areas of the image. It also supports full HD and 1080p content, including movies, TV shows, sports, and home videos. It comes with a short throw engine to allow you to place it close to the wall for a larger screen and more immersive experience.

The physical setup of this device is unusually easy, reducing the process to turning it on, connecting an image source, and pointing it at a screen. In my tests, it automatically focused and produced a sharp image every time. The rechargeable battery has a 3.5-hour life in Energy Saver mode and there’s no power cable, making it very portable.

You can use the built-in media player to play local files on a USB stick or hard drive. You can also connect your mobile devices via Wi-Fi to mirror and share content from your iOS or Android phones. You can even download apps like Aptoide to stream video from your phone’s library.

This smart projector has a long-lasting LED or laser light source for an amazing display of images and video. It also has a low fan noise and an inbuilt smart system which features Android TV(tm) with many useful apps. It also has wireless connectivity which enables it to be controlled remotely.

4. LG Smart Projector

Transform your space into a theater and enjoy high-definition content with ease. LG projectors with AI sensing technology automatically adjust the image to make sure it’s perfectly aligned for an optimized experience.* Stream and play your favorite movies, TV shows and sports from apps like Netflix(r), YouTube(r), Apple TV, Disney+ and more on the large screen with high-quality sound that puts you in the heart of the action.

Enjoy sharp images with a contrast ratio of up to 150,000:1. A 1.2x zoom and lens shift make it easy to fine-tune the image for your space. The PU700RP is also perfect for business meetings with its long life LED light source and built-in 5W mono speaker.

The Smart projector offers easy access to your favorite apps, streaming content and more with the simple IR remote control with a simplified UI that includes 18 buttons. A Home button that looks like a house takes you to the app menu where you can select your preferred input, streaming service or media player.

A USB PD port and an HDMI 2.1 connection with ARC provide multiple connectivity options, and a microphone and speaker allow for video conferencing. Connect a Bluetooth speaker or headset and listen to your favorite tunes in wireless stereo mode, or pair with an AV receiver for better sound quality.

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