Smart Glasses For Sale

Smart Glasses For Sale

Stylish and functional, the Flows look like ordinary sunglasses but have the perks of smart glasses. They can play music and make hands-free calls, as well as record quality photos and videos. They also come with a portable charging case.

These stylish frames, made in collaboration with Facebook-owned Meta and EssilorLuxottica, allow you to take photos and video using a barely noticeable front-mounted camera. They also have bone-conduction speakers and a microphone.


The concept of smart glasses has been popularized by various sci-fi films, but these hi-tech specs have yet to make their way into the mainstream. Despite this, manufacturers are offering more stylish, functional versions that blend fashion and function. Currently, there are multiple models that let you play different media, control smart devices and connect with social media accounts. You can even customize the look of your glasses with different frame designs and swappable lenses.

The BT-35E from Epson is an excellent choice for those looking for a pair of smart glasses with a wide range of features. Its lightweight frames are made of magnesium-titanium alloy and carbon fiber, while the polarized lenses offer superior protection against UV rays. This model also comes with a headband that keeps the glasses secure and comfortable to wear. Its Bluetooth technology lets you connect with compatible devices and controls music playback. Its earbuds have open-ear speakers, which allow you to listen to audio while maintaining awareness of your environment.

The Snap Spectacles AR are another high-end option for those interested in augmented reality. These glasses feature a Micro-OLED display that displays visuals over your real-world view and can project up to four times as much brightness. A touchpad allows you to interact with the device and a small LED illuminates when you are recording or taking pictures.


The concept of smart glasses may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi film, but the technology behind them is real. These digital spectacles beam apps and information right into your eyes, or overlay digital images onto your view of the real world, opening up endless possibilities for entertainment, education, work and beyond.

While most smart glasses are built as regular frames and carry the look of a traditional pair, they usually pack in delicate electronics. To protect these devices, look for a water and dust resistance rating on the spec sheet. Two numbers will appear on the rating, with the first one indicating how well it guards against solid particles (such as dust and sand) while the second measures how well it resists liquids.

You’ll also want to consider whether a smart glasses for sale virtual assistant is integrated, as this can make the experience much more convenient. You can use voice activation to control your smart home, get notifications and even take hands-free photos or video clips. Look for features such as automatic volume adjustment based on ambient noise and “VIP filtering” to hear messages from specific people.

Many smart glasses are able to store some of your music, photos or video clips on board for a short period of time. For example, Snapchat’s Spectacles 3 feature a built-in 4GB hard drive and can hold 500 images or 30 video clips at a time. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most of these products have limited internal storage, so you’ll probably need to wirelessly offload your content frequently to free up space.


We’re a long way from the smart glasses worn by sci-fi heroes, but fashion and tech brands are working to make high-tech specs that blend functionality with fashionable design. Some of the best models use augmented reality to expand your workday or gaming experience, while others help people with visual impairments.

Some models, like the Amazon Echo Frames, connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for all-day access to Alexa, allowing you to queue up music, ask questions and receive notifications. The frames also feature “VIP filtering,” which means you only hear messages from people on your contact list, and the ambient microphone can be turned off if you don’t want to be disturbed.

Other models, like the Razer Anzu, offer a stylish pair of frames with built-in speakers to allow you to play music or take hands-free calls. The glasses also have a touchpad on the temples and a built-in omnidirectional mic, which can be used to smart glasses for sale answer calls and manage the audio playing from your phone or another source.

Other options, such as the Ray-Ban Stories, are aimed at influencers who want to capture quality photos and videos for Facebook and Instagram. The frames look like regular sunglasses but have dual 5MP cameras and a microphone that can record video and voice commands. The lenses are swappable, and the glasses can be connected to a smartphone or tablet for multiplatform compatibility.


Whether you’re looking to make your daily life more convenient, or envisioning a future of posthuman technological enhancement, the right pair of smart glasses will help you achieve your goals. But deciding which type to buy can be tricky. Smart glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with price points ranging from 200$ to 2000$. Some models are designed for specific uses, and can even be made to fit your prescription.

The Amazon Echo Frames are a stylish option that look like regular sunglasses and offer music playing capabilities and smart assistant integration. They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use bone conduction technology to channel audio directly into your inner ear. This allows you to maintain awareness of your surroundings while listening to music or talking with Alexa. You can also customize your notifications and choose to receive only messages from a pre-approved list of people, which will save battery life.

Another option is the Focals by North (formerly Thalmic Labs), which also feature a minimalist design and are available in a range of colors. These smart glasses have a touchpad on the right arm that allows you to take pictures, record videos, and listen to music. The touchpad is hyper-responsive and features tactile feedback, so you can control them without touching your forehead.

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