Automotive Window Film

Automotive Window Film

Automotive Window Film

Automotive window film is an excellent way to protect your vehicle’s windows from fading and scratches. Several manufacturers make different types of films. 3M ™ offers the Crystalline and Ceramic IR series, while Madico offers a variety of tints that are color stable. Whether you need a film to protect your vehicle’s windows from UV rays, or simply to increase its visual appeal, there are many choices to choose from.

3M(tm)’s FX-HP Series

Whether you’re looking to block glare or reduce solar heat gain, 3M’s FX-HP Series automotive window films are an excellent choice. This high-performance range of window films rejects up to 50% of solar energy and blocks up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. This range also provides comfort and interior protection.

Using 3M nano technology to create automotive window films, this range of films boast high durability, easy maintenance, uniformity of tint, and scratch protection. Using a non-metallized polyester carrier guarantees that the film will not fade pink or lose its durability over time. The film also offers superior night visibility and doesn’t interfere with satellite signals.

Madico’s Ceramic IR Series

Madico’s Ceramic IR Series automotive film is the ultimate in performance and style. Made of nano-ceramic particles, this film delivers a factory-like color match to your vehicle’s tinted windows while blocking up to 95% of rays from the sun. It also blocks glare and maintains the interior of your vehicle at a comfortable temperature. Moreover, this film is backed by a national warranty to provide you with peace of mind.

Madico window film is available in different styles and price ranges. The company manufactures high performance window films and distributes them through seven company-owned distribution centers in the U.S. Automotive Window Film and a large distribution network internationally. This product is made of ceramic and is considered the best in its class.

The High Performance Series provides excellent UV protection while reducing road glare and increasing comfort. The film has a variety of UV protection options, which depend on its color and degree of visible light transmission. The Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic features advanced heat rejection technology and 99% UV protection. In addition, it rejects 87% of infrared rays. It is also metal-free, meaning it won’t interfere with wireless or satellite connections.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Madico’s Ceramic IR Series automotive windows films are effective against radio waves and airborne signals. This technology allows you to use your cell phone, GPS, satellite radio, tire pressure monitors, and satellite radio without worry of your car being disrupted. Moreover, a Madico film is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Color Stable Tint Film

The 3M Color Stable series of automotive window film delivers glare relief and heat rejection that rival factory tinted glass. Its patented nano-carbon polyester provides a rich look and long-term performance. It will protect your vehicle and keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Moreover, it won’t fade or peel over time.

The 3M Color Stable automotive window film offers a lifetime warranty and is virtually maintenance-free. Because it does not contain metal, it will not interfere with GPS, radio, or smartphone reception. It is an excellent choice for vehicles that are exposed to UV rays. It also helps protect passengers from the sun’s harmful rays.

The 3M Color Stable Series uses a unique process to create a nano-carbon polyester film with the highest heat-rejection capacity. Since this film doesn’t contain a heavy metal layer, it won’t interfere with radio signals or change the color of the car. In addition to providing heat rejection, the 3M Color Stable Series prevents UV rays from damaging your car.

Color Stable Automotive Window Films are manufactured using an extrusion process, in which raw materials are melted and stretched to form a polyester sheet. After forming the film, it is infused with UV blockers. The color of the tint absorbs solar energy directly on the glass, allowing less harmful rays to penetrate the window.

The 3M Color Stable Series is comparable to factory tinted glass and provides significant reduction of glare from bright sunlight. The film’s nano-carbon coating gives it outstanding durability and a Sun Protection Factor of 1000. In addition, the film blocks 99 percent of the ultra-violet rays, protecting your vehicle occupants from harmful radiation.

Hybrid Series

Avery Dennison HP Pro automotive window film is a high performance hybrid metal dye film that is constructed for exceptional solar protection. Its sleek charcoal color tone provides custom dark tints and superior comfort. It comes with a 5-year warranty. The Automotive Window Film Classic Series is a great choice for those who want a classic look for their cars.

The FormulaOne Stratos is one of the best-in-class nano-ceramic window film options. Its advanced Hybrid-Matrix construction provides maximum heat rejection while blocking most UV rays. The film contains multiple layers of heat-absorbing nano-ceramic particles that disperse heat.

HybridFX series window film is a 2-ply 1.5-mil product with a metalized layer. It blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and resists heat and glare. This film won’t affect your electronics, and will add to the beauty of your vehicle. This premium series automotive window film also carries a life-time warranty against excessive color change.

Hybrid film combines metalized and dyed tints for a superior heat-blocking option. Although more expensive than metalized film, this option retains the positive qualities of both films. It’s lighter than metalized film, but provides the same level of heat rejection. Hybrid films also block sunlight but don’t have a reflective look.

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