Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine


There are several advantages of a floor-decking roll forming machine. It is highly durable and has many advantages such as impressive shear and fire resistance. You can also choose a machine with a Hydraulic oil pump. You can choose a roll forming machine from Rollforming LLC and benefit from excellent quality and services. Read on to find out more about floor-decking roll forming machines.

Cantilever-type fully automatic uncoiler

Cantilever-type fully automatic uncoils a large number of coils quickly, accurately and smoothly. The machine is suitable for floor decking production lines. Its speed can be controlled by an electric control system that extends the center shaft. The machine also comes with a shoring system that supports the main uncoiling machine and increases its bearing capacity.

Unlike soil boards, floor decks offer a firm working platform in a short time. They can be used to lay a steel plate spanning multiple floors. A floor deck also serves as a tensile reinforcement for the concrete slab. It saves up to one third of the concrete in comparison to soil boards. In addition, it can reduce the amount of concrete needed to construct a structure by reducing its convex part.

Cantilever-type fully automatic uncoils the floor-decking sheet into a desired shape. The steel-based floor deck is widely used in power plants, railway stations, concert halls, large supermarkets and Olympic venues. These machines are designed to maximize strength and reduce the need for labor-intensive installation. They also offer low costs and excellent automation.

The Cantilever-type fully automatic uncoils the steel-coil for floor decking and roll-forming machines. This machine is suitable for feeding all types of coil material into the continuously running machineries. Its capacity is adjustable and its stop system can be pneumatic or friction. These machines are also highly reliable. In addition, the Cantilever-type fully automatic uncoiler for floor decking and roll-forming machine provides optimal flexibility in production.

Cantilever-type manual de-coiler

The Cantilever-type manual de-coils coils with a hydraulic system. This machine is used to uncoil a 1250 mm wide roll with a weight of 10000 kg. It is equipped with a closed-loop control system and reduces power consumption. It is suitable for use in floor decking and roll-forming lines.

A floor deck roll-forming machine can form a flat sheet into a custom shape and is usually made from galvanized steel. Steel floor decking is widely used in power plants, automobile exhibition halls, cement warehouses, offices, stadiums, concert halls, large supermarkets, and Olympic venues. It is easy to use, saves concrete, and offers firm working surfaces.

Electrical entry shearing

The Electrical entry shearing on floor-deck-roll-forming machine is an integral part of the flooring production process. This equipment consists of a hydraulic cylinder, an uncoiler, an embossing tool, a control system, a hydraulic oil pump, and a support table. This cutting machine inputs specifications into a computer system and produces the desired metal deck.

Floor deck roll-forming machines are most often called Metal Deck Roll Forming Machines (MDRFMs). They are used in the construction of metal floor decks and can save up to 30% of concrete. These machines are most commonly used in warehouses, factory floors, and stadiums. They are highly versatile, have high strength, and ensure efficient production at low cost. You can choose from a variety of floor-deck roll-forming machines.

Runout tables

A complete floor-decking-roll-forming machine line consists of a roll-forming machine, a decoiler, and a computer controlling system. Runout tables for floor-decking-roll-forming machines support the final product. The PLC controls the entire system, calculating the length of each profile within the roll forming process. The PLC also reminds the operator when production is complete. The PLC can also manual shear the material before roll forming, which is an advanced function and good for production.

During floor-decking-roll-forming, a special table is used to run the profile outward. This creates a gap at the edge of the panel. Often, runout tables are adjustable to allow for various profiles. The runout table is essential for creating perfect profile corners, and if you need a very precise fit for your project, a runout table is an essential component.

Besides, a floor-decking-roll-forming machine should also have a decoiler, which can be either a manual or hydraulic device. If you’d like to make your floor-decking-roll-forming machine automatic, you should select one with a PLC control system and an output table. This way, you’ll never have to worry about wasting time and money forming the wrong product.

Another crucial feature of a floor-decking-roll-forming machine is its high speed. Since the metals are long, a roll-forming machine can be operated very quickly. Additionally, a self-feeding machine reduces labor costs. Lastly, roll forming machines don’t need to be heated, which can significantly reduce the cost of working with expensive metals. The high speed of the process reduces energy bills. Finally, roll-forming machines can produce parts with very smooth surfaces that don’t require secondary processes.

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