Don’t Know About Vacuum Forming Machine Supplier? Read this Post

The vacuum forming machine is used to generate a vacuum on plastic sheets. The process of vacuum forming is used to shape plastic materials. A plastic sheet is heated and then suctioned around a single mold during the vacuum forming process.

Vacuum forming is utilized in a variety of production processes, from small bespoke pieces made on desktop devices to huge parts made on automated industrial equipment.

Furthermore, the most basic method of plastic thermoforming is vacuum forming. It employs a single mold and vacuum pressure to achieve the required component shape. It’s perfect for pieces that just need to be perfectly shaped on one side, like food packaging or electronics.

Working Mode

  • A sheet of plastic is clamped into place in an open frame.
  • The plastic sheet is usually softened using a heat source until it reaches the correct forming temperature and becomes flexible.
  • The framework containing the heated, flexible plastic sheet is lowered over a mold and suctioned into place on the other side.
  • Once the plastic has been formed around the mold, it must cool. For larger components, fans or mist are sometimes used to speed up this portion of the manufacturing process.
  • Once the plastic has cooled, it may be removed from the mold and removed from the framework.
  • The extra material will need to be taken away from the finished portion, and the edges may need to be trimmed or polished.

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