Bathtubs: Which Material Is The Right One?

Have you ever thought about which bathtub forming machine is used for your bathtub and what material was selected for it? In the past, the tub was usually made of cast iron and steel enamel, but today it is made of a wide variety of materials. 

In addition to classic materials such as sanitary acrylic and enamel, more people are opting for a model made of glass or cast mineral. But specimens made of wood, concrete and natural stone are still a great way to set special accents.

Possible materials for the bathtub:

  • Mineralguss
  • acrylic
  • Holz
  • ceramic
  • cast iron
  • copper
  • Glas
  • natural stone
  • stainless steel
  • Stahlemaille
  • Concrete

Depending on the nature of the material, the selected model sets new accents in your bathroom. 

A wooden tub in a wooden bathroom underlines the flair of a Finnish sauna, while a natural stone example gives you the feeling of a wellness weekend. Thanks to the different materials, you can realize a certain style or emphasize the existing style. 

With a combination of different materials and styles, you consciously emphasize certain elements and underline the uniqueness. A free-standing copper bathtub in a plain ceramic bathroom is a real eye-catcher – and your neighbors can’t help but be amazed.

Thanks to this material, the boundaries of possibilities for your bathtub are stretched beyond traditional designs. Whether classic, nostalgic or ultra-modern; whether oval, square or round – such a model always shines in all its glory. 

Especially since the specimen impresses with its even surfaces since mineral casting can be poured into any desired shape. This enables non-porous production and filigree lines. Classic or as a body shape tub, curved shapes, or individually designed designs – with a model made of mineral cast you can experience the world of design to the fullest. 

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