Golden Rules For Parents To Monitor The Screen Time Of Their Kids

With television or streaming, your child is increasingly choosing what they want to see. The following Golden Rules offer simple tips for everyday life to help your child use the media.

Stay Close:

The television is not suitable for a babysitter. Watch TV with your child as often as possible. Pre-school and elementary school children in particular need support. Familiar formats and videos that you know your child can handle well can occasionally watch alone. It is good if you are nearby as a contact person.

Do Not Threaten A Ban:

Media use should not be used as a means of reward and punishment. The medium is given a meaning that has nothing to do with the actual reason for the punishment (e.g. the room was not tidied up). Interest in smartphones, television, and consoles will be increased by the ban.

Agree On Clear Rules For The Usage Times:

Agree on clear rules with your children about when, how long, and what they can watch on television, and make sure that the agreement is adhered to. 

For this reason alone, a television does not belong in the children’s room, as in this case, it is hardly possible to monitor it properly. In any case, it is important to have a guideline that you give your child along the way. 

If possible, you can already give your child small steps to take care of the times. Or you contact a reliable TV supplier to order a television with automatically switching off technology.  That way you’ll be in total control. 

Exchange Ideas With Other Parents:

Your influence on your child changes with increasing age. By the middle of elementary school age at the latest, the children of the same age become more important and the children then increasingly orient themselves towards friends with whom they spend their time. You should therefore exchange ideas with other parents, for example on the topics of television consumption, TV advertising, casting shows, or depictions of violence.

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