Ultimate Guide To Fingerprint Door Lock

A fingerprint door lock is an advanced type of lock system that helps you to unlock the door without any key but instead with your fingerprint within seconds. No key is used in this type of smart lock, so there is no need to be afraid of forgetting the keys. You can unlock the door by placing your registered finger on the lock and boom, you have unlocked the door.

These types of locks are specifically used for private rooms, at hotels, and at motels for tourists. Some fingerprint door locks also have digital passcodes for accessing the room (digital passcode is built for serious conditions when your fingerprint is not matching with the sensor). If you have bought a fingerprint smart lock, but don’t know how to operate it. Don’t worry, we got you.

In this short article, we will guide you about how to operate a fingerprint door lock.

Step One: cleaning of your hand: 

Registering a fingerprint on the fingerprint door lock is not a hard job. It is just like saving a contact on your phone. Before registering your desired finger on the lock, it is advised to clean your fingers. If your fingerprints are clearly visible, it will be easy for a fingerprint scanner to scan your fingerprints.

Step Two: Open the menu:

After cleaning the fingers, open the menu of the fingerprint door lock, and place your desired finger on the fingerprint scanner. When you hear the sound “beep” wait for 1 second and then lift your finger. Some fingerprint door locks can repeat this process two times or more depending upon the sensor. 

Congratulations! You are all done.

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