Month: September 2021

Incredible game console accessories wholesale

Are you in need of quality console games that can earn you extra cash? Console games are a very exciting way to pass time with your colleagues and friends. BLEE is a company that has over 20 years of experience in providing game consoles. The company has a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in the R&D and sales of amusement products. The company has a big production capacity and can offer OEM and ODM for large orders at wholesale prices. Below are some of the game console accessories wholesale the company has to offer. 

BLEE game consoles

  • Fish Hunter series -This is a fish hunting game kit that you can use to assemble amazing fish games. It is a hardware and software kit with different parts that you can use to assemble a fishing game console. You can choose from a 6/8 fish game table gambling machine, high holding fish game table gambling machine kit, and fish hunter arcade fishing kit. 
  • Slot machine series – This is an arcade casino game kit that you can build a game console. You can get quality arcade joysticks that are suitable for building a personal arcade game console, academic projects, and also commercial game projects.
  • Pandora’s box series – This is a DIY arcade gaming kit series that you can assemble at the comfort of your home. The kit is fun to put together and it comes with a clear guide manual to help you through the assembly process. They are affordable and the shipping cost is significantly reduced because it is not heavy.

You can get any of the above console gaming accessories at affordable prices so why not place your order today. 

Stainless steel

Lantian precision casting and machining is a company that is doing an excellent job in producing Casting and machining products. Their products are of different categories like:-

  • Stainless steel casting
  • Low alloy steel casting
  • Water glass casting
  • Silica sol casting
  • Carbon steel casting

They produce supreme quality products. Their products are appraised by their customers due to their reliability and durability. They produce strong products that can be used in different machines. Some of their prominent products are as follows.

  • Economic lost wax casting
  • Lost wax casting water glass
  • Precision lost wax water glass

They are one of the best-known industries in the whole arena for their standard quality products that can be used for a longer period of time. They have the best machinery for producing water glass and silica sol casting. They produce their equipment and assemble it before sending it to their customers. But prior to delivering it to their customers, they check their products for making them flawless. Due to this, they are renowned world-wide.

Their technical team is a very efficient and strong one that operates the machinery and suggests new and compatible designs. Their main focus is upon fulfilling the demands of their customers. They have been doing their job since past 30 years and have never disappointed their customers. They have their own workshops for tooling and CNC for managing any faulty products. Their team quickly responds to the queries of their customers.