This video game you must have in your café

This video game you must have in your café

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 One of the great attractions of computer games is that you can experience things that you cannot actually experience. Sports games, in particular, have been a popular genre since the beginning of computer games. Games are out of fashion, and sports games are also subject to the trends of real sports, but basically it can be said that it is a genre of iron plates that is almost stable and has a fan base.

Among such sports games, there is a genre that I feel is not doing well these days. That is the “Arcade fishing game”. This genre once produced a lot of masterpieces, but in the last few years, no title has been created that will be taken up as a topic of the year. Why is that? This time, I would like to take a closer look at the current state of such fishing games and infer the prospects for future fishing games.

Fishing Spirits:

“Fishing Spirits” is an orthodox fishing game for arcades.

you use a fishing rod-type controller to catch the fish in the large display, which is really interesting!

It has the power of the real thing, and it always bites, so even children who are not good at waiting can enjoy the fun of fishing. Adults looking sideways are also fun.

In order to capture the fishing spirits, it is necessary to take the game mechanics well and think about the tips.

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