Jewelry display cabinet

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Jewelry showcase is the storage area necessary to display various sorts of ornaments and jewelry to showcase to multiple clients. These showcases act as a display case in which the owner can display jewelry according to demand. View site to have a look at various modern looks and full jewelry showcases. They include different sorts of designs and styles regarding jewelry showcases.

Custom rectangular showcase for jewelry

It is one of the most demanded jewelry showcases and comprises a stainless steel frame. 

This frame is covered on the wooden counter and provides a stable and robust structure. 

It is built with high-end material providing a finishing look to the structure in which the owner can display jewelry.

It has a sliding door too in the form of a cabinet that can be used directly, and unique ornaments can be placed safely.

It has the features of low power consumption lights with a fully assembled lockable system. Thus, ensuring the safety of the ornaments and jewelry displayed in it.

It is also delivered internationally in which all the methods are ensured while packaging. The thickening export package includes the epe cotton and bubble pack. After which, the corner protector is used to cover the corners, and at last, it is placed and finally packed in the wood box.

Modern glossy white jewelry wall showcase

It is also one of the most highly demanding showcase pieces, made up of stainless steel with brush silver electroplating finishing. This electroplating ensures that the showcase is prevented from all sorts of rust and corrosion.

It has a large bottom cabinet lined with MDF wooden surface and is painted in white gloss to give a shiny look.

It has transparent tempered glass on top and sides, and an additional glass shelf is placed inside for a further delicate look.

It is also safely packed according to international standards and is available for delivery all across the world.

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